Hello Saferide – Long Lost Penpal


I’m quite jealous of anyone who went to Latitude this weekend because they had the chance to see Hello Saferide.

Hello Saferide are a Swedish indie-pop group fronted by radio presenter Annika Norlin. I actually know very little about them, but have had “Long Lost Penpal” on my iTunes for a few weeks and really love it. You almost don’t expect it to veer into an indie-pop track as it opens with a soft baleric guitar that reminds me of something on the likes of Cafe Del Mar 7. The lyrics are bittersweet and unnervingly funny telling the story of two girls who wrote to each other as children but haven’t been in touch since. While one reveals how the letters really affected her life, the other has a somewhat hilarious / seedy twist to reveal. Annika is joined on this track by Andrea Kellerman, formerly of London trip-hoppers Anamorphic, now returned to her native Sweden and singing under the name Firefox AK. Aah browser love.

This is really the only song I know by Hello Saferide so I can’t really recommend them in general. They are on my evergrowing list of artists to properly check out however. Any particular song suggestions from either HS or Firefox AK are much appreciated. Neither artists have any UK dates booked in currently but let’s hope they do soon.


3 thoughts on “Hello Saferide – Long Lost Penpal

  1. Hello Saferide are great, you should really check out more of them. They’re all very nice indie pop songs with touching/funny lyrics. My favourite is “Highschool Stalker”, which you can download from her site.

    She also has a new band called Säkert! The music is not too different from Hello Saferide, but here she sings in Swedish.

    And Firefox AK makes pretty good indie/electro pop. First check out the song “What’s that sound?”, it’s really good.

  2. You’re always one step ahead of the curve. I was just thinking today that I know little about Hello Saferide and I should find out more.

    And here you are. Amazing.

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