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As much I disagree with doing anything to celebrate Diana’s life, the bits of Concert For Diana that I saw were hilarious – drunk princes dancing, P Diddy being very unBritish, Kanye’s amazing medley and Ricky Gervais finally being exposed as not actually very funny. Anyway, I was a bit bored so sent in a bbc complaint email about Gervais because reading the complaints log and the mentalness of the complaints always used to amuse me when I was at the beeb.

But funnier than me hamming it up as a mental is the somewhat illiterate reply. Ricki? Ho ho.

Thank you for your e-mail regarding ‘Concert for Diana’.

I understand that you felt that Ricki Gervais could have had some material prepared for his time on stage.

However this was a live event and whilst Ricki Gervais was to introduce Elton John a technical fault occurred, therefore he had to hold the stage until it was fixed.

Ricki Gervais then sang a song and done the famous dance from his hit series ‘The Office’. A lot of people found this very entertaining, and Ricki did deal with the situation as best he could.

I do hope that you can appreciate that it was a live event and matters such as this can occur with out any notice.

I also note that you feel that Will Young or Girls Aloud could have filled this space, but as mentioned before, it was a live event and the team were unaware that a technical fault was to occur.

I do hope apart from this that you enjoyed the programme.

Your comments have been fully registered on our daily audience log. This internal document will be made available to the ‘Concert for Diana’ production team and Senior BBC Management.

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  1. Why you felt so strongly as to write to them really boggles the mind – the guy was asked to fill time – so did so the best way he could – let us not forgert that any comedian coming on in the middle of a rock concert is going to have an uphill struggle. Peter Kay bombed at Live 8 and itwas only Amarillo that vaguely saved his ass. Gervais was very funny indeed – the guys a raw talent – you can tell he scripted ben stilers piece – then did a bit of stand up which the prince’s and their legion loved (obviously big fans) – its difficult to have any kind of following in a stadium like wembley with a complete cross range of kids, students, young adults, adults, oldies princess di-hard fans (distasteful pun? who gives) – the guy did a splendid job in front of1 BILLION ODD PEOPLE and its a testament to hid good nature to do the dance, yet again when everyone just kept shouting it at him!! He’s a national treasure and if you’re so intensley cynical about something as so nothing-toget-cynical-about – next time write to the bbc and complain about their rubbish coverage of wimbledon —it was a live event!!!

  2. Ricky Gervais is a real talent. He doesn’t do “shtick”. If you want “always-on”, hire Robin Williams. I thought what Ricky did was exactly what I would expect of him. He was unapologetically himself. I myself find him incredibly refreshing. His humour hits too close to home for a lot of people. It’s “cringe-worthy” in it’s honesty which actually elevates it to something akin to art. My son, who is 18 year old and thus at an age in which embarrassment is a way of life, has a lot of trouble watching “The Office” because he finds the main character of David Brent to be too hard to watch. I can understand that. But I can also appreciate it. I think what people really want from celebrities is phony sencerity and canned “personality”. Is Ricky perfect and lacking faults? No. Thank God for that!

  3. The author did explain quite clearly that he didn’t ‘feel strongly’, but was simply bored and having a laugh.

    Your vitriol in defending Ricky Gervais – your friend you’ve never met – suggests you may be one of the (ahem) ODD people for whom he was performing. I really hope there weren’t a billion more like you.

  4. All of the anti-Ricky sentiment pouring out from bored prats and layabouts chafes me. Why not do something worthwhile instead of slagging someone whose made a bleeding contribution to the world?

  5. Concert For Diana, hahahaha. I could stomach about 20 minutes of it at different times during the day – ’twas painful viewing.

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