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I first heard of Kate Nash early last year when Lily Allen posted a bulletin telling all her myspace friends to check her out. I did and didn’t really think much of it. Similarly ‘Birds’ and ‘Caroline Is A Victim’ passed me by without much interest.

Today on the show we played Kate’s new single, her debut on fiction (an imprint of polydor) – “Foundations” – and finally I begun to see what the fuss is all about. Despite being 3 years younger than Lily, Kate sounds like a more grown up version of her famous friend. “Foundations” is in a different league to her last single, but I’m unsure whether it will break through because of the Lily Allen similarities. Her almost identical accent and cheeky chatty style will certainly get the Lily haters despairing.

“Foundations” is out in June. I love the video, especially as it makes me think of something Rod would make.

13 thoughts on “Kate Nash – Foundations

  1. Hmm, I don’t hear much of Lily apart from the accent. When the video started, I thought it was more like a Catherine Tate parody of something. I think it’s the way she looks at the camera. Musically, I hear more of Regina Spektor than LA.

  2. There is something about her, isn’t there. She really is quite lovely. And Foundations is so much better than Victim…, which was also rather good.

  3. Kate Nash with her refreshing sound and stunning looks is a certainty for the future

  4. Kate Nash….Lily meets Macabees…Luv it! Although Kate Nash Is A lot Like Lily Allen i think she has her own personality and her music is alot darker than Lily’s they are both, its a good thing there are more artists like Lily and Kate It Means That Soon It May Have A New Category In Music And Will Be Much More Appreciated. Personally I Thought ‘Victim’ Was A Good Choice Of Song TO Start With Its Diffrent Nd Its Made Kate Known For A Song That Stands Out Nd Not A Lily-A-Like. A Colaberation Would Be The Best Song On My Ipod! Foundations Is My Fav So Far Nd Cant Wait For An Albulm! X

  5. Love it! Saw it on the the Tv the other day and was mesmerized. Much better than Lilly I’m afraid!

  6. i agree there is definately something about her, so much hype about this LDN is a victim song grouping them all together (jack penate, klaxons, lily and so on) but i can totally stand up and say that jack penate is a really genuine guy i saw him a while back and then hung out with him in a club after the gig, awesome guy and he was so chuffed that people enjoyed his music. Kate Nash’ tunes are really refreshing at least if only for a little while.. nice change.

    I think of lilly allen when i hear her but that doesnt meann thats a bad thing.

    there is deffinitly something about herr that i think she will go far.
    I’ve been waiting for a song to come out like this.
    and yeaaa its came !

    Good Luck Kate !


  8. i think that kate nash is AMAZING, it reminds me a little of lily allen, but lily allen has a different message in her songs than kate-kooo! good luck to her PS i like her haircut

  9. Amazing i was there listening to it at 1st i was like pfft. usual Lily Allen Wannabe.. but then i heard it again and i was like :S its okay suppose.. and now its a addiction i even have it on my mobile =P

    Looooooove It

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