Updates from Euroland


Last night we went to Euroclub which is like the official hangout for fun, a all year round Eurovision bar and a gay club stuck in 1987. Here is what we learnt:

  • Finland are so excited about today, they declared yesterday a national holiday!
  • The word on the street is that the shit but amazing song from the Ukraine is going to win. Some nutters are predicting it’s going to receive 12 points from everyone apart from Cyprus.
  • Greek men hate the Greek entry. One man angrily told us that geeky Sarbal is a fraud because he is half Lebanese and half Cypriot. Feel their wrath!
  • I started off hating France’s song, now I love it. This is because they a) have a hilarious performance and b) their chorus is lyrically the best in the contest because it is very fun for anyone with a basic grasp of both English and French as it wildly weaves in and out of them :

    Et je cours, je cours, je cours,
    I’ve lost l’amou, l’amour, l’amour
    Et je suis perdu, here without you
    I’m crazy, seul a Paris!

  • Despite the BBC proclaiming Roger Cicero as the UK’s favourite, German men think it is pants. Roger though, is hot (at least from a distance).
  • Songs from the past were played at Euroclub, and we were given strange looks for not knowing a certain song was say the Hungarian entry in 1987. The biggest cheer and dance of the night went to Dana International.
  • People with passes really like to wear them at all times they can. We don’t. They are MASSIVE.
  • Someone said to me “I’m not getting into this argument so early in the night. You’re talking RUBBISH” when I claimed Scooch were defacing the name of pop.
  • When Estonia’s 2007 non qualifier “Partners In Crime” came on, the singer Gerli Padar was put on the shoulders of men and carried to the stage. There she carried out the routine (with backing dancers) in full. It was ace! Sadly lighting conditions meant no photo 🙁
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