Eurovision the end.

Things we loved:

  • Slovenia. They were robbed! But we especially loved their point announcer and his special torch.
  • Fearne Cotton looking like an mail-order Eastern European bride. Who did her makeup?
  • Seeing Russ from Scooch necking champagne in a panic.
  • Texts from our boss after every 3 songs
  • Ireland deservedly coming last.
  • Malta RANDOMLY giving UK 12 points. And me & Darren being snapped celebrating as the official UK celebrators!
  • The cheering every time Finland got a point (why so low!)
  • Spending a 1 1/2 hour boat trip with the head of the Swedish delegation and him claiming that The Ark’s song was a bit rubbish. It was. Well done voting Europe.
  • The idea that no non former Yugoslavian country is ever going to win again.
  • Cyprus giving Greece 12 points.
  • All the Nordic countries giving each other 12 points.
  • The way that some countries either got 12 points or nothing. The voting was so random.
  • Latvia surprising us all by doing terribly.
  • Scooch giving the best performance they’ve ever done.
  • The hilarious Dutch point giver calling Serbia “Kelly Osbourne”.
  • We’re flying home in 4 hours. Yawn. Belgrade then next year? We’ve been and there are about 5 hotels, the cabbies cut the seatbelts out of all their cars and there is a LOT OF MEAT. Serbia is staying on our hotel and there is a crowd WOOPING outside.


    Bring it on.

    3 thoughts on “Eurovision the end.

    1. Meat? I’m not sure what that was all about.

      Glad to hear you had a fantastic time.

      I’ll be preparing to serenade you with Mo! Lit! Va! next time I see you. I may even do it Arms Aloft Alenka style with an industrial torch.

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