Review: Melanie C – This Time

I met Melanie a couple of weeks ago and she was much nicer than I expected. It was for an interview and I couldn’t really be arsed as post “Northern Star” I’m not really a fan, and I think you’d be hard pushed to find a big Spice Girl fan who doesn’t feel any residual anger towards her. But then I stopped myself and thought “er, why are you turning down the opportunity to meet a Spice Girl!” Here is my not that exciting interview on hit40uk. She was very media trained and it was difficult to get anything but a scripted answer. Here is a random soundclip for you though: [audio:]

From my BBC Music review:

” While you’d expect the dream combination of Guy Chambers and Cathy Dennis to propel “Protected” to stand-out track, that honour actually falls to 2nd single “Carolyna”. Co-written by Chisholm herself, it’s a strong and catchy midtempo pop song that really highlights how emotive Melanie’s voice can be.”

Read it here.

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