Pencil and Eraser

Is this the greatest piece of band merchandise ever? You wouldn’t think it, but it’s even OFFICIAL merchandise. We went to see Sugababes last week thanks to Dragonette supporting them. The audience didn’t really seem to dig the dragons very much, but then again they didn’t seem to dig the ‘Babes much either. I’ve been thinking that the Sugababes are a really dull band for some time now. Sure their output might be great but as people / popstars bizarrely only Amelle is of any interest, it’s enough to send anyone to sleep, and the atmosphere at this Wembley Arena gig was very, very sleepy. Barely anyone could be bothered to get up and dance, and the biggest cheer of the night came when a tickertape bomb was launched on the finale.

Incidentally we’ve got a special pop PA at Popstarz tomorrow night from a pop star beginning with M. No, not Madonna, but we can’t say who. This is enough of a clue though. It should be pretty good.

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