Robyn at Cargo

I interviewed Swedish pop star Robyn just before her gig at Cargo the other week and it was pretty good fun. You might remember her from a song called “Show Me Love” from the late 1990s, but now she’s back (still with floppy fringe) on her own label releasing whatever she damn well pleases. Two weeks ago out came her first UK single in 10 years – “Konichiwa Bitches” and I hated it. Considering it a bad choice of lead single and something which didn’t really make me even slightly want to check out her on her previous two UK dates, I slightly turned my nose up at Adrian’s and most of the pop blogospheres pop star worshipping. Now, having properly listened “Robyn” and seen her perkily bouncing at a gig I take it all back. Hell, even “Konichiwa” rocks it live.


And in true karinski style, I take it all back using EXTREME HYPERBOLE:

“There’s no time to wipe the tears away with the sublime “With Every Heartbeat” following. Produced by Kleerup (former member of Teddybears and the drummer in Robyn’s live band), if we could hear no other song but this for the rest of our life, we would be content.”

Read my BBC Music review, wait for me to type up my interview and get your grubby hands on at least “With Every Heartbeat”, “Be Mine” and “Cobrastyle”. Then get the Teddybears album, wet your pants and give your soul to Sweden.

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