If u cant conceive it muffin, just let it be nuffin.

Remember Lumidee? She had that incredibly annoying ‘Uh ooooooh’ song (yes it’s brilliant now) during the summer of r&b hell that was 2003. I stayed at Warwick that summer making SRA awards, kissing an MA student and djing events for children who were inexplicably involved in events on campus. And all they wanted to hear was bloody r&b (this was in a particular era where I was turning my nose up at anything non-pop). It was Sean Paul this, Blu Cantrell that, Eminem, Black Eyed Peas etc etc

Anyway, Lumidee is back and I can almost hear your sighs of relief across the webwaves. In fact, thank god she has returned to us in these ‘Beyonce having become a bizarre mash of Tina Turner and Diana Ross’ days. And she is back with something rather odd – She’s Like The Wind. Yes, everyone’s favourite weep-a-thon Swayze classic from the ditzy Dirty Dancing has been reworked into a soulful grinder-  with Lumidee joined by Tony Sunshine –   ripe for overplaying on Radio 1.

It’s "doing damage on the airwaves" in America and I’ve got no doubt that it’s going to be absolutely pounded in the UK too despite it being a tiny bit shonky. I have no idea when it’s coming out over here but I bet it’ll be blaring out of every car cruising down Blackpool promenade on a Saturday night come Summer. New lyrics include: Listen baby I’ve been around // I know that you like how I wear my crown // And I know that im something that is so profound
// So far what im hearing look I like the sound
. What??

Listen to it here.

p.s. Can someone explain to me how Cascada keeps getting top 10 hits? Have we travelled back to 2001? Are the charts accidentally only counting sales in the North West?

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