Booking of the year?

Mika – at Popstarz – while he’s no.1! See you Friday? [Coming soon: CSS (2/2) and Long Blondes (9/2)]


5 thoughts on “Booking of the year?

  1. Yeah, you guys are doing pretty awesomely at boosting Popz’ reputation as a credible indie venue, and by extension nightclub. Long live Popstarz!

  2. Our friend is coming down from Glasow and we’re taking him there. We were planning to anyway, but it just so happens he’s a huge fan so really looking forward to it.
    Problem is, he gets into Euston at 8pm and we have to go all the way to the east end to drop off his stuff and get ready, so it’s going to be after 9 by the time we get there. Do you think it’s going to sell out? I dont even think we have time to swing by to get some q-jumps in advance 🙁
    Someone said they heard they were being sold all week to cope with demand, do you know if that’s true?
    I realise i should probably ask on the Popstarz message board, but it annoys the bejesus out of me :p

  3. Yo

    I think after 9 should be fine as long as it’s not like 945. I don’t really know what time the normal queue starts getting big, but I used to queue at about 930 I think and just about get in!

    I would suspect that Trash Palace are selling queue jumps all week but I’m not sure for positive!

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