So remember how I love Annie? She’s a Norwegian DJ and pop singer whose debut album Anniemal was released on 679 [who may I point out have signed Dead Disco!], had a pretty big push from the label and  was dug by lots of bloggers and critics but no-one who would actually use a shop to buy it.

Well today, Universal Records signed her for a UK deal. She’ll be working with Xenomania to make an album which’ll be out at the end of 2006. Yippee. I wrote more on the subject over here

5 thoughts on “Annie-tastic

  1. Xenomania? Really? Hmmm. Not too sure about that one… I can see the logic though. She was always a bit too cool for skool, so to shift units they’re going for a populist production house. But the fact that she sounded different was what made her stand out in the first place. Ironic, huh?

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