So Happy New Year one and all. We celebrated it with the busiest Popstarz in it’s 11 year history. I was a little bummed about having to work NYE as we did Popstarz last year, and this time round all our friends were going to the fantastic Unskinny Bop and we wanted to be there too. However, Popstarz absolutely surpassed itself and was amazing good fun, thanks in no small part to a special area Tommy had created for staff and friends filled with gallons of alcohol. Hooray! I also sang Jolene on the special karaoke in the glass bar with Sheila which was pretty ace, despite not really being able to hear the backing track. Kamikaze karaoke starts at Trash Palace on Sundays very soon, maybe even this week.

Anyway today I got the news that my shiny (although now a little dirty) iBook has gone KAPUTT with that old ‘oh your logic board has failed trick’. I came home the other night and instead of being asleep it was off and trying to boot it up resulted in beeps. This seems to mean a ram failure and the genius bar at Apple seemed a bit confused that I hadn’t added any extra ram. They did not seem confused when they told me that fixing it would cost £640. 🙁

So now the dilemma is what to do? I use a PC as my main computer in my room, and my laptop if travelling (so not regularly) and when not in my bedroom. It serves as a great little device for writing/web browsing while watching the TV in the lounge, and I really like being able to do other stuff while sitting in the lounge. I don’t particularly want to spend £700-odd on a new MacBook though. The options seem to be: exist without a laptop, look for a bargain on the refurbished store, just buy one, or go for a dirt cheap PC one that would be perfectly fine but not as pretty and lovely and everything apple-y. Plus if I was spending a lot of money with Apple I’d really want to get an iMac, but that wouldn’t at all help my portability issues. I don’t really understand why my iBook has broken though – should they really just break for no apparant reason after about 2 1/2 years? I am eyeing my housemates suspiciously.

To cheer me up I bought Pokemon rescue for my DS and tomorrow I think I’m going to buy a new digital camera as I handily threw my new very heavy phone at it and smashed my lcd while at Gaz’s flat over Xmas. BOOO HISS.

3 thoughts on “Bummer

  1. Popstarz was absolutely fantastic. There have been some weeks I’ve not enjoyed it but the NYE party was the best night I’ve had for aaaaages! Big thanks to whoever gave Thingbox users a discount on the tickets too 😉

    I think I’d cry for a week if my mac died. I only managed to buy it as I got a new credit card with a silly limit and wanted to buy something practical rather than waste it, there’s no way I’d be able to buy another for a very long time!

  2. See, this is why I detest Macs. £640, and all because you left it alone for a while? That’s daylight robbery. And don’t get me started on the reliability of iPods.

    Anyway, buy yourself a nice reliable PC laptop. You’ll find it much faster, I’d wager, and as long as you buy from a reputable brand the customer service bods won’t try to shaft you.

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