A highly obvious list

2006 was a pretty fun year. I got to meet some fun pop stars, I got to warmup for the Scissor Sisters for the 2nd time, I got to write about music and showbiz for people, and  I got to play lots of music to people and expect them to dance.

Every year I claim I’m going to keep a text document with my favourite music in it, so when I come to the end of the year, it’s not HELL ON EARTH trying to figure out my end of year list. Of course I haven’t done this, but 2007 will be the year.


The Top 3

Amy Winehouse – Back To Blackan instant classic. I never liked/paid any attention to La Winehouse and her current image didn’t make me warm to her either. But the moment I heard Back to Black (the song) I was hooked. She was great live at Koko in November and also takes home the Karinski award for television moment of the year.
Must-hear tracks: I’m No Good, Back To Black, Me & Mr Jones, Love is A Losing Game

Metric – Live it Out – Jesus Christ this band are AMAZING. There seems to be some dispute as to whether it came out in 2005 or 2006, but it’s the 2nd album from the Canadian indie kids who also form part of Broken Social Scene and stars. Brilliant live in Hammersmith in October, they’ll be supporting Bloc Party at The Astoria on 31 Jan and I’ll be doing everything I can to get a ticket.

Must-hear tracks
: Monster Hospital (ignore the hipsters and their MSTRKRAFT remix, just do the original), Poster of A Girl and Handshakes. Then find their first album and wet your pants at Dead Disco and Combat Baby.

The Knife – Silent Shout:
The Knife are Scandavian sibling weirdos. They make bleepy, glitchy
dance music that both disturbs and makes me want to go dancing mental
all at the same time. Kat made me go and see them live at The Scala back in March and the show was spectacular. I took James and Rik to see them a couple of months ago at The Forum and two new fans were born.
Must-hear tracks: Marble House, Silent Shout, Like A Pen

Best of the rest (in no particular order)

Jarvis – Jarvis – He came back and he conquered on record and live. Fat Children should be on your must-hear list for life.

Robbie Williams – Rudebox – Critics and long time fans might have wrinkled their noses up at it, but Rudebox gave us the first really interesting Robbie album sing I’ve Been Expecting You. Ignore the slightly hit and miss title track and move straight to Lovelight, possibly the most underrated single of the year.  Giggle at Lily Allen on Bongo Bong, robodance to Never Touch That Switch, and squee continually at She’s Madonna and We’re The Pet Shop Boys.

CSS – Cansei De Ser Sexy: Music is my bitch-house. Yes it is. If you’ve not heard of this band then you need to know that they are frightningly hip, but in a spectacularly accessible way. They were on Subpop but have just been signed to Warners who are making them a major priority for 2007. It’s poppy, glitchy, disco-indie fun (oh how many words can I use!).  They’ll be playing at Popstarz on Feb 2nd. How excited am I?

Boy Kill Boy – Civilian – I went through a phase of having a major crush on the lead singer of this band after going to see The Organ with Kim and him. Now I am over that, but I feel like I must have some loyalty to this album (even though I’ve not really listened to it very much). As far as massive indie hooks BKB are professionals. They’ve not done as well as I expected they might though despite Suzie and Civil Sin making me race to the dancefloor whenever I hear them.

Nelly Furtado – Loose : Er, hello? Where did the floaty, boring hippie go? Whatever Timberland put in her drinks made the lovely Nelly the pop artist of the year. Yes, Maneater was insanely brilliant at the time, but it’s All Good Things that makes me float into a state of bliss every time.

Lily Allen – Alright Still : Slag her off all you want. What? Now she’s successful she’s no longer cool? Bite me. Lily rocked 2006. Alright Still is the perfect album to sing along to word-perfect in practically any occasion. Plus she was rather ace at Notting Hill and Bestival.

Long Blondes – Somebody to Drive You Home : I wouldn’t have heard of the Long Blondes as early as I did if Shazam didn’t exist. In November 2005 we had Le Tigre’s JD Samson playing at Miss-Shapes and she played the fabulous Giddy Stratospheres. I in turn played it to lots of people from a record label who told me they thought it was shit. Losers. Anyway taking forever to get signed, finally Sheffield’s current best band released their debut album on Rough Trade. It’s bitchy and very sing-a-longy. See them at Popstarz on 9 Feb.

Gallant runners up would be The Pipettes – We Are The Pipettes (which would probably be right up there if I hadn’t heard all the songs about a million times before the album came out) Pet Shop Boys – Fundamental, MorningwoodMorningwood (although god knows if that actually came out in 2006), Shiny Toy Guns – We Are Pilots (again 2006?), Teddybears – Cobrastyle, Frank – Devil’s Got Your Gold, Linda Sundblad – Oh My God and Beyonce – B’Day.

And I’m not saying that my list is better than albums from The Gossip, The Fratellis, Dangerous Muse, The Presets, Broken Social Scene, Bat For Lashes, Peter Bjorn and John, and  The Young Knives, as they are all CDs I’d like to hear but haven’t got round to yet. There is so much music to consume that I haven’t that just thinking about it makes me upset. Boo hoo.

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