12 thoughts on “2006: The most evil woman on television

  1. even if she was a mass murderer she could visit me in the middle of the night with her toys 🙂 And yes i would meet her in a dark alley theres one beside a club in town very popular 😉 lolol

  2. Eww. are you guys ok?, or is it normal for you to drool over someone who looks like someone mashed their face with a brick all day?

  3. Don’t get jealous Psycho Bunny, just ‘cos your probably fat and ugly (they’re usually the ones who moan about gorgeous girls the most!).

  4. i think u r darn evil dont u dare to come and visit us here in Lebanon as Mohammad said coz Lebanon is 4 good and peice only. u suck!!!!!!!

  5. lol! its funny seeing u guys drool over bbc evil characters !
    i`m frm india nd out `ere we hav some of da sexiest villains ever on telly!

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