Who needs The Killers anymore?

This is Young Love – the brainchild of Dan Keyes and Island/Def Jam’s hot tip for 2007.  They make disco indie, and have been touring America supporting Lady Sov. Dan, originally a member of post-punkers Recover (who?), is the frontman and there doesn’t appear to be a lot of information about the other bandmembers, so I assume they are very much a "we play the instruments but we’re not allowed to talk" collective.

Discotech is the first (and so far only) track I’ve heard by the band. It’s immediate, and it makes me want to dance wildly round my room. It oozes New York, or at least what I expect fashionista indie New York sounds like when it’s oozing. It starts with a fast bassline and drums before another guitar layers in and the vocal hits. An amazing bridge and euphoric chorus gets me spinning round the room and it’s an example of potentially the best use of a vocoder since Victoria Beckham.

The Lindbergh Palace Remix (they did an ace remix of Mr Brightside that you might have heard me play) makes Discotech sound like something directly off Confessions on a Dancefloor. You can download that here and a pretty loyal cover of Standing In The Way Of Control here guilt free. The label have put them out there. Hooray.

Make sure you visit the bands myspace page to hear the superior original. The above video is the 2nd in a series of 3 spots advertising the album. I think it’s a great campaign, you can watch the first here .

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