REVIEW: Emma Bunton – Life In Mono

I’m not sure where Emma Bunton comes in my list of favourite Spice Girls. Obviously the almighty Geri takes the top spot, but Emma, well, maybe third after Victoria. Anyway, dear mekonhead almost caused my ears to explode last week when I had to listen to her terrible new album. Emma darling, when will you realise you’re not living in an Austin Powers movie?

Pumping the BBC for all it’s worth with almost daily appearances on either Strictly Come Dancing or It Takes Two, you might have thought that the seemingly rush release of third album Life In Mono would be surrounded by masses of publicity. However, that probably wasn’t taking into account that on public votes Emma’s been the least favourite contentest for the last two weeks. As it is her lazy album charted at about 64. Well done.

"While she may be continuing "Free Me"s Sixties vibe ,
there’s nothing that even flirts with the beehive razzamatazz of
"Maybe". Tuneless opener "All I Need to Know" manages to make 4 minutes
feel like they last an hour, while the saccharine "He Loves Me Not" is
enough to make us vomit up the seven donuts we ate for lunch."

Read the rest of me being mean at BBC Music and avoid the album with care.

7 thoughts on “REVIEW: Emma Bunton – Life In Mono

  1. I agree it’s a ridiculously boring album, but the only song I didn’t delete was “Take me to another the town”, so who knwos, maybe you should give that one a try.

  2. Yeah, Take Me To Another Town is pretty much the highlight of the album. Equally though it’s the one that got me screaming YOU’RE NOT IN AUSTIN POWERS EMMA!

  3. i personally loved the album, and i think it to be one of the best albums for 2007. Emma’s album by far is better than Fergie’s or Gwen new tragic release.

  4. Well I am Siobhan de Mare, the original voice of Life In mono. No one even told me about Emma Bunton covering my song.

  5. Siobhan

    Tons of us are trying to find out what you are doing.

    Its very hard to track Violet Indiana, and websites about you are horribly outdated.

    What is the best way to contact you or find out your performance schedule?

    Stephen Dare.

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