Oi deafo!

As you might know, I write music articles for various websites. One of my favourite sites to write for has a regularly used comments page on album reviews. Every so often I come across a really crap album and fans get mega cross and leave sometimes hilarious comments. I dread to think what the slagging I’ve given the Emma Bunton album will result in, but I like to look at them sometimes. Here are my latest favourites:

On Sugababes – Taller In More Ways: an album I called disappointing, annoying and dull (ahem)
"i fink sugababes r wiked n if u fink dey r
rubbish den ur rubish urself n u shudnt b aloud to rite on eya u shud
shut up n listen to it aleast dey can sing i bet u dnt like em cuz ur
jelous haha!! love yall.x.x.x.x.

"they are so cool but Kelly clarkon is better if u agree im me or els"
that is the worst reveiw ever and the guy should
be fired! the babes rock and they are 100000000 times better then the
catty girls 2loud! sugababes are pop queens and thats that.
this album is brilliant! i think tht the person who reviewed this don’t understand music!"
i like sheep n does any bod no hw 2 get da words
2 sugarbabes ugly ??? bi da way avent read this couldnt b bovered :)bi
the bi if u read this u r gay lol do u lov me ???? bibi XXX"
What does that last one even mean??

On Pink – I’m Not Dead,
Who is this person writing the review is she
I think P!NK is so great i’ve got her name tattooed on my body how about that for a fan"
ur just jealous that u dont have pinks success and brains"

LOVE IT! Bring it on Buntonites.


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