I Just Want to Make Totally Sure…

… that despite X Factor getting more boring by the week, we are all behind Eton Road to win.

The twinkles in their eyes, the flirty looks, the otherwordly spirit
of Anthony that not even Louis Walsh will ever be able to tame.

Not only is Anthony ripe for a love mauling if he ever sets foot in
Ghetto, but can you really turn down a man who says he wants to win
because he’d "love to buy a chihuahua for company" and unashamably says
his favourite artist is Will Young?

No. Vote Eton Road!

In similar news last weekend (Swing week) we were fortunate enough to get a couple of hospitality tickets to see X Factor be filmed. I’d applied for tickets for the show in the past but now I’ve learnt people started showing up at 10am I won’t try again – once was enough. There was lots of standing up, lots of out of tune clapping, the audience all swaying in different directions etc, but Tony Bennett and Sinitta both said hello to us which is, er, enough.

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