Partying like it’s 2001


Last week the homegirls took a trip back to 2001 to see All Saints play live in Shepherd’s Bush. We’d already seen them once before when they sang dreadfully out of tune at Blackpool’s swanky Winter Gardens but now older and on the comeback tale this, their first gig in 5 years,  was going to be different.

Corporate hosted events are always going to be filled with alcohol, but 3 really pulled out the stops for this. We hadn’t even bothered to press it up and just showed up as normal punters only to meet a shedload of free cocktails followed by a free bar, and more mini food then you could imagine. Nothing beat the chicken caesar salad myspace provided at The Cobden Club the other week, but the jam roly poly with custard nearly did!

Just before the band came on, Tamsin Outhwaite, her hubby, Kate Thornton and someone who looked like a third Appleton barged their way to the front positioning themselves almost on top of us. Naomi got to bump and grind with Outhwaite all night while they whooped and screamed "YAY NATALIE! NICOLE!! HI HI HI HI!". The girls looked the same as ever but had much more credible partners skulking at the back watching them then in olden days with both Liams knocking about.

I like new single Rocksteady a lot, and the other 4 new songs they played sounded equally as good. I’ve not heard them again yet on record so my alcohol blitzed memory can’t really comment on them that much other than they were funky and as Shaznay would put it "had a bad-ass groove".

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