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So tonight I did my first slot at Rockstarz, in fact my first night at Ghetto which wasn’t Miss-Shapes, meaning I didn’t have old faithful Girls Aloud to fall back on. Rockstarz is all about guitar music and about live bands. Tonight we had Plastik playing. I was quite nervous about the night – I played by myself (james didn’t really wanna go out) and indie stuff isn’t my home base. I might play at lots of indie nights now but you got to remember I was a girl who grew up on Billie and the Spice Girls 🙂 So, I was flapping to extremes spending all day trying to catch up on new music and then all of my first set completely stressed out.

But, despite it being the end to a weird, sad weekend datewise, it was fun, fun, fun and awesome to play songs I love that aren’t mainstream and have people dance. Popstarz is very much the indie charty songs, but Rockstarz is a lot more open minded. Plus it was cool to play alongside Laurence.

I didn’t write a setlist down but I played ace stuff including Datarock – Fa Fa Fa, Noisettes – Scratch Your Name, Peter Bjorn & John – Young Folk (totally beating Sinclar for whistly song of the year), Veruca Salt – Seether (thanks Kim!), Klaxons – Not Over Yet (hello! Floorclearer!) some Easyworld, Sons and Daughters – Dance Me In, Metric, The Faint, White Rose Movement, plus some other stuff I can’t remember right now. Anyway it was ace! Hopefully I’ll do it again, but in any case check out this list of bands Rockstarz has coming up and at least make sure Dragonnette goes in your diary.

Oct 23 : Plastik
Oct 30: Joana and the Wolf
Nov 6: Eskimo Disco
Nov 13: Dragonette
Nov 20: The Far Cries
Nov 27: Look Look (Dancing Boys)
Dec 12: Shit Disco
Dec 18: Parka
Jan 8:  DiskoBoy
Jan 15: Fleeing From Finales
Feb 5: The Scha La Las

The rest of the weekend was as good as could be. Friday at Popstarz marked our one year anniversary at the club from when we covered from Sandra’s trip away last year and cacked ourselves at the then meant to be one off. Since then i’ve basically ruined the entire night by convincing the rest of the DJs that Kelly Clarkson – Since U Been Gone was an appropriate thing to play (sorry! i’ve stopped now!). :-).

Saturday saw me face the dilemma of one of my favourite clubs just down the road from our house or opting to spend some time in a world where I might meet some men who aren’t gay. I thought of Clare’s words, was strong and took the latter option to party with my Aztec Warrior housemate Naomi and her friends from uni at Rock Garden in Covent Garden which was pretty good fun and contained that element of normality of just dancing to random shit, charty songs that I’d oddly been missing from my hometown days! Alcohol and sickness made homies go home, but 1am was no stopping time for me and I knew Trash Palace would be there for me. 10 mins later and I was on the way to Ghetto (for what? the 7th wigout in 8 weeks maybe???) with Jamie and Nic, before I scarpered off to meet Alex for a bit in Soho House, before dragging him back to Ghetto. We all then got the crazyiest cab in the world back home – I always refuse to get unlicensed cabs but it was 6am and after wandering up and down OCS trying to decide whether to go to Balans for breakfast for 30 mins we just needed to go home.  Anyway said cab did have a licensed sticker, despite trying to pick up randoms on the street and I managed to barter him to £17 for a drop at our house and one in E9. Bargain. The best bit was that the cabbie had made a cd full of total drunk classic songs – I can’t even remember what they were, but they were ace and we all sung along really loudly and loutishly all the way home. Huzzah. On Sunday we all woke up feeling mega shit but a trip to the weirdest restaurant I’ve ever been to which I just had to introduce Alex to, made it all better. The place is LMNT on Queensbridge Road and their Sunday Roasts are ace. I’d recommend that you don’t click that link – just trust me, and go without any idea of what it’s like. It will blow your mind.

Hmmm, that’s a blog taking this back to the self-indulgent days of old wittering about myself. I don’t really write anything about myself anymore for fear of odd, psycho cyber stalkers. But, er never mind!

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  1. I really wanna see Dragonette but I don’t think I’ll like the Rockstarz music much – dilemma! What time do you reckon they’ll be on? Can I go just for that?

    And so weird, as I wrote this a Dragonette song came on my computer by chance!

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