As if to say, he doesn’t like chocolate

Every year there’s some indie bands that make it and some that don’t. 2005 was the year of Kaiser chiefs, Bloc Party and Maximo Park while 2006 has been The Automatic, The Fratellis and Boy Kill Boy.

When Bloc Party arrived on the scene, they were lauded by all and sundry including the BBC who declared them second in the sound of 2005 poll (behind The Bravery (snork!)). At first Silent Alarm didn’t do that much for me. Sure, it was competant indie but Ricky had gone on about it so much I was expecting a revolution.

Over a year on though and Silent Alarm is totally holding it’s own. DJing can leave you bored of some songs – while you love them at first, playing them over and over and over again every week can make them tire really quickly, but not Bloc Party’s. Both Banquet and Helicopter fill the dancefloor and get nearly everyone dancing. And the best bit: they still don’t bore me! Hooray! (Plus Banquet has an ace ending which makes it sound like you’re doing some rad mixing even when you’re not)

So, as old as this may be, I was mega excited to hear the Santa Monica mix of Helicopter this week. Produced by a Portugese DJ who I don’t know anything about, this takes away all the frantic, rushing urgency from the track, and replaces it with summery acoustic guitars. Perfect to hear alongside the sunset at Mambo.

The Yellow Stereo
has a copy if you’re yet to hear it. It’s ace.

2 thoughts on “As if to say, he doesn’t like chocolate

  1. So I was right, then? Brilliant.

    I’m asuming you’ve got the Silent Alarm remix LP? Also a good listen, but not majorly different from the original work of genius.

  2. I’ve not really listened to it more than the singles to be honest. I’ll give it another go at some point, and no, not listened to the remix cd, just tend to hear odd mixes at various points.

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