Interviewing Fischerspooner

In 10 days or so (eeeek), I’m going to be interviewing the marvellous Fischerspooner. Emerge has remained a dancefloor classic and despite 2nd album Odyssey not doing very well commerically –  it was my 2nd favourite album of 2005.

So yes, now I’m interviewing them before their performance at Koko as part of Smirnoff and the Electric Cabaret on 12 October. How I’m going to get out of Miss-Shapes that night is a whole other matter and their stage time may leave me shooing James off to DJ while I dance in Camden. So… I might have a free spare ticket to this depending on a few things. Otherwise tickets are still on sale via the koko website if anyone fancies it for the bargain of £6.50!

My dilemma is – Fischerspooner are notoriously not the friendliest of bands. Maybe this is an unfair assumption people make, who knows, but still. I’m a bit shy with interviews anyway but this one is making me cack my pants! How do I talk about the fact that the critics hated Odyssey? And the fact that although I enjoyed their performance at Manumission, not many others knew who they were. All these and many life changing questions are yet to be solved.

But in any case, any fans out there with any questions I can ask the band for you?

3 thoughts on “Interviewing Fischerspooner

  1. Sounds like fun. Friends of mine have seen them live and were rather annoyed as they allegedly are arrogant. Then again, I had the same with some German bands back when I worked at the radio there and they turned out to be the most laid back ones 🙂

    I just discovered we’re neighbours by the way, that is if you still live in Finsbury Park.

  2. Nope I’ve moved!

    I’ve seen them live a few times and they were great, although I missed the reportedly spectacular first album shows.

  3. Ex Smash Hits writer Tom Hibbert is in Time Out this week talking about his time on the title and this:

    “My interview technique was to keep a straight face and embarrass people into answering the questions. If there was a long silence, I’d stay quiet too. It seemed to work, although Boy George once threatened to beat me up.”

    try that?

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