Lazy Sunday Links

  • "Why, Justin? What are you going to do? Knife me in the spine and rip
    her dress off in front of me? I wouldn’t put anything past you by now,
    you hateful, preeping maniac."
    The ever ingenious Charlie Brooker dissects Sexyback.
  • Ex Sugababe Siobhan Donaghy goes all Kate Bush on our ass with new song Ghosts.

One thought on “Lazy Sunday Links

  1. Wow. You’re dead right about our Siohban there. Hearing lots of Cocteau Twins in there too (top of her influences list too. At least she’s honest!) She was always my favourite. Not sure who’ll buy this though, other than you and me. Oh well.

    And yes, Brooker is the closest thing we’ve come to an antidote for modern life. Plenty of worrying side effects, but he does the job.

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