Robbie Williams – Lovelight

This is the video to the new Robbie Williams single Lovelight.

I’m not really sure of Robbie Williams place in the pop world at the moment. His ballads which were once certain top 3’s have been getting weaker and weaker, and (excluding Rudebox) when was the last time we had a fun, party tune from the cheeky chapper. To top it off, last album, Intensive Care didn’t really go anywhere. Sure, tickets sold out for his tour, but as far as new material went – it was as if he’d suddenly lost his relevance in a world in which he was previously king.

Now less than 12 months after the release of the last album, he’s back with new album Rudebox and I can’t help but feel it’s going to end up a really underrated, forgotten about great album. Above is the video to new single Lovelight and after a few listens I’m gradually getting my head around it. At first it seemed that if I didn’t know it was Robbie I’d think it was really cool, but knowing who it is slightly weirds me out. And it’s not that I don’t like him, Robbie at Knebworth in 2003 is still one of my favourite gigs ever.

Lovelight is a cover of a little known American song and this version is produced by the ever wonderous Mark Ronson. Hearing Robbie falsetto for a whole song is a little strained, but give it a few listens. What do you think? (Could this be any more George Michael by the way)

2 thoughts on “Robbie Williams – Lovelight

  1. Yea it is really sounds like George Michael style, i like the sound cover of this song.. at the begining when he is not singing the basses are superb! 🙂

  2. Lovelight is NOT a cover of a little known American song. It is by the wonderful Lewis Taylor, who is white and from Barnet in London! Not that you would know it by his amazing voice, which sounds like Curtis Mayfield or Marvin Gaye. Check out the original on Stoned if you know what’s good for you….

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