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The very lovely Spoony finished a 6 year stint at Radio 1 last week and I’ve very much enjoyed spending the last two years working with him. I only got round to listening to his last show yesterday (I was out of the country when it was live) before it fell off Radio Player, but with a very funny Mills and Spoon and a couple of guests, I’m glad I did. Hilariously from Oct 3, you can catch him on Strictly Come Dancing, where I expect everyone I know to vote Spoony!

Anyway, that aside, one of his farewell guests was the awesome Alesha. Her brilliant debut single Lipstick charted much lower than it deserved at no.14 and October 16 brings single no.2 Knockdown. Totally different to the in-your-face style of Lipstick, it’s reminiscent of Kelis’ Trick Me and I guess if I have to say it, of Lily Allen too. The bassline is funky funk and it’s pretty immediate. Based on the tracks I’ve heard, Fired Up, her debut album, is shaping up to be a stonker, and just the two singles alone beat anything on the new Jamelia album. Plus the video version breaks down into an unexpected crazy-voiced Alesha rap to remind us of the good ol’ Mis-teeq days. Hooray.

5 thoughts on “Alesha – Knockdown

  1. Dynamiteehee… Hmmm. Can’t say that’s any better than Lipstick which I didn’t rate either, I’m afraid. I rather fear that might be her last single unless there’s something quite extraordinary on the album. Sorry!

    I’ll miss Spoony though. He was a nice bloke. And might well make Strictly Come Dancing vaguely watchable.

  2. Hi Alesha,

    I love your song It’s great! I only new This song two days now and I already know most of the words!

    I hope you carry on creating songs like this they are amazing!

    Luv Olivia

    ps. I am only 12!

  3. Hello Alesha,
    that song is great that my name is the same as yours but in a different way, I know all the words to your two songs and it is incredible I wish I was u.

    Luv Alisa

    PS.I might get a chance to see u but i’m only 10 but is it alright if I am.

  4. Hi Alesha

    Nice seeing u again and I’m kind of a bit bored actually so I listened 2 your song again and I still like it because i’ve got your 2 songs on my mp3 and I’m trying to practise your dances and I’m nearly there.

    Luv Alisa.

    PS.I’m not really 10 I’m actually 11.

  5. Hi Alesha i’m back i’m 12 in 2 months and i can’t believe you won the stricly come dancing i’m happy 4 u i’m not lying but no oofence but i’m a star now if you try to check i think and find alisa kemal ‘what’s it like in school?’ you’ll love it.

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