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If The Modern hadn’t royally fucked up with their last single Industry, then the London electro-glammers would probably still be signed to Mercury and would be very happily poking the top 20 with the amazing Discotheque Francais. Oh, and of course, all my yelling at people to listen to The Modern would have been justified.  But while they mow the lawns of fields filled with dropped pop stars, let’s refocus our electo-pop energies on some other Eighties sounding electro rivivalists again on Universal. This time it’s Polydor instead of Mercury and the band are Oklahoma’s Shiny Toy Guns.

The glamourous (seriously, look at that stunning photo) Shiny Toy Guns have been a permanant fixture on my iPod since reading about them on a forum several weeks ago and eventually bothered to look up them up.  They have a darker sound than The Modern and seem to use their synths to a more haunting effect while still remaining fun. In fact I even hear slight nu-metal sounds in the tracks on We Are Pilot, but that could be because I’m really missing Linken Park (really!) Yes, electroclash + nu-metal, I know what you’re thinking – I’m making this sound awful! But seriously just trust me and take five to listen to it yourselves over on myspace.

There’s a great review of the album over on electrocore.

The band are in the UK at the moment and play Camden Barfly tomorrow. Tickets are £7 and you can get them from the Barfly website.

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