LIVE: Robots in Disguise / Phoenix

Betty_1Back at the end of May (how behind am I with blogging!), we had two consecutive nights out to see a few bands and doss about in some dirty London meanfiddler venues.

First up was Robots in Disguise, Betty Curse & Nemo at The Garage. I’d had RiD’s latest single Turn it Up through on  DJ promo a few weeks earlier and really enjoyed their art-school electro sound so I figured I might as well go along to their sold out date. Despite Betty Curse sounding great on record she sounded awful live – I’ve said all this in much more detailed terms over here. Check out their song ‘DJs got a gun’ even if you don’t do anything else.

The following night was spent downtown at Mean Fiddler itself. Languishing beneath the crumbling Astoria, James and I first became friends instead of acquantaince’s on what was probably my first gig blag ever (ah the memories) at  The Killers back in May 2004. Here we trundled this night to see French electro-poppers Phoenix (who were disturbingly a bit too indie) and grungy daughters to the famous The Like.  My views and thoughts are here but in short, The Like need to try harder and Phoenix were meh-ingly alright. In any case get your grubby mits on ‘What I Say and What I Mean’ and ‘Run Run Run’ respectively.

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