Veto Silver

Pixoh_152sxnsntnAges ago, like properly ages ago a band called Veto Silver played at Nag Nag Nag. With nothing else to do that evening, we thought we might as well go and see them, as we’d heard things about them and well it sounded alright.  They were pretty good live, the crowd were very ‘ooh you’re pretty lets touch you’ and when I spoke to them backstage afterwards, they seemed like really nice guys.  Then I promptly forgot about them.

Flip forward to now, and we’ve just received their promo for Stay Young, Stay Beautiful, the track that really stood out back on that October evening.  It it’s simplest form this is a boy band, hell they’ve even got the same surnames, but more importantly this is a boyband with synths (and guitars), who’ve really been loving their old Duran Duran records.   SY SB is nicely produced, sounds good and will be penetrating the ears of the miss-shapes crowd on Thursday.    

If you can’t come to dance to it, then check them out on MySpace, or see them live at Club NME in a few weeks.

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