Yesterday, Today

ClorYesterday was rubbish in the world of music.  Today, however, is brilliant.

Yesterday it was announced that Clor, one of my favourite new bands from last year had called it a day.  Ther debut album ‘ Clor ‘ had entertained us and the Miss-Shapes crowd for many a time over the last 12 months and they were a great act to see live.  Their music was a quirky duelling guitar electro indie sound, with lots of interesting spazzy squelchy moments.  Good Stuff, Outlines, Love & Pain, and Dangerzone are just some of the highlights, but I urge you to buy the album and give it a chance if you’ve never heard of them.   Chaotic & damningly catchy – they will be missed.

00the_pipetteswe_are_the_pipettes_advanc_2Today though, The Pipettes album promos for We Are The Pipettes have gone out, and brought us a glorious 33 minutes of gloriously oozing pop.  As I mentioned a few weeks ago, they’ve gone out and got some strings (or at least some synthy strings) and the album is really full and luxiorious sounding.  Everything seems pretty familiar for long time fans but there are a few surprises.  It Hurts To See You Dance So Well goes silent where we expect it to end and then cracks back in with an extra verse with a different arrangement, ABC has some different instrument sounds (maybe trumpet, im RUBBISH at picking out instruments) and I Love You sounds much darker.  It’s great to finally have all these songs recordered properly, rather than having to listen to them in ear raping quality.  I cannot wait to play Pull Shapes to a dancefloor!!

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