Pre-Bandwagon but lazy : Lily Allen

I’m becoming a bit irritated at myself.  Blogging has picked up on here recently but there’s been lots of gaps over the last few months.  This has led to me being sulky over the fact that everyone is raving about people I was raving about months ago, but never bloody wrote about.

Case in point is Lily Allen

I first heard her a few months ago as James from 9PR was pimping Nan, you’re a window shopper on his myspace.  Fresh and summery, a light female vocal with witty/real vocals over a light ska track it was obviously going to be massive, and this would be obvious to anyone who heard it!  Then Popjustice wrote about her, she got signed by Parlophone, and I nearly chocked on my caramel macchiato when Reggie played another song, the ace LDN it on weekend breakfast a few weeks ago and now of course Whiley is all over it. We played it for the first time at Miss-Shapes last night leaving half the dancefloor standing grumpily cos they didn’t know it, and the other half going MENTAL.

Anyway for anyone living in a box who hasn’t heard this yet, or international readers (Bliss Will you so need this! ), then Lily Allen is going to be massive.  If you can find them I’d heartily recommend Smile as well the others mentioned above, in fact I’m sure they’re all great I just haven’t managed to listen to them all yet.  Get yourself over to her myspace for a start.

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