Anyone who’s flicked channels on a Saturday morning will surely have come across E4’s Totally Frank – kind of a more mature S Club series about a band and their lives.  It’s always been quite fun in a trashy way, and the music has always been good pop.  Now they’re set to release music themselves as Frank

Now let’s flip back two years, when once upon a time there was a band called Mania.  Touted as the next big thing, promo material for these girls was everywhere.  There were big black boxes emblazoned with their name and cds everywhere.  Unfortunatly the public didn’t bite, and their debut single Looking For a Place To Go limped in at number 29, despite Wes claiming it was the catchiest song in the world EVA!!!

Now here’s the exciting bit – after gaining a bit of a cult following loads of unreleased Mania tracks have been re-recorded by, you guessed it, Frank.  The awesome I’m Not Shy on Mondays has become Complicated, and the brilliant Money In My Pocket, the never released 2nd single from Mania, is on their album.

You can catch them on Channel 4 on a Saturday morning, or brilliantly as support on Girls Aloud’s UK tour next month.  This is going to be a time when showing up for the support act is essential!  With Xenomania & a TV show behind them, I see no reason why they won’t be huge. But hey, this is a country that sends James Blunt to number 1 so who knows.  Helena from the band was in Ghetto last night, and being the hilarious DJ that I am, I played the original Money in My Pocket, which left her screaming and being very excited, before asking me how the hell I knew it.  Hehehe.  They’re gonna be awesome.

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