The week…

After a bit of a drought i’m throwing myself headlong into trying to see as many gigs as possible, although this conflict rather a lot with the need to go to the gym and there is no way in hell I’m going to manage the gym before going to work in the morning. Bah.

Anyway as the blog has probably already told you, over the last couple of weeks I’ve seen the awesome Dead Disco, Antony & the Johnsons, Goldfrapp, The Organ, Mit, The Automatic, S Rock Levinson, The Knife, The Modern, New Young Pony Club, The Pipettes, Matt Willis and on Friday The Cardigans.

The Automatic at Camden Crawl was weird weird weird, as their fans were completely mental. We were in the G Lounge on Kentish Town Road which is SMALL, and people tried to crowd surf insanely which mainly involved them whacking the stage lights. Anyway they were a bit like The Rakes although noisier and Raoul sounds as great live as it does on record. I can’t wait to see them on the NME tour.

Apart from my continual convulsions over the fact that I’m going to see George Michael live in December, today I need to write a review of the Cardigans for Gigwise this afternoon and then tonight i’ll be going to the first Popworld Promotes gig at the Hard Rock cafe which could be good, annoyingly it means i’m missing lesbians on ecstasy at the garage though. If you can go you should, they are fun!  Tomorrow it’s a meal with the Londonist writing gang, Thursday & Friday is DJing time, although we’re not on till very late on Fri (in fact Sat morn at 3am) so I may try to blag some Kaisers at Brixton tix but its probably unlikely.  Then Saturday is what sounds like a brill day on Trafalgar Square at the  Love Music Hate Racism gig with Belle & Sebastian, Roll Deep, Boy Kill Boy, and The Paddingtons playing to name but a few.  Before that though at 11.30 I’m off to get on a boat somewhere on the Thames ( I currently have no idea) to see Boy Kill Boy play as part of Carling 24 so I can review them for Gigwise. Yes that’s right, Boy Kill Boy, twice in one day.  Gimme a break though, they are both free, and I wouldn’t be going to the 2nd one if B&S weren’t there too. Ahem, can someone say fangirl?

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