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Of course we know a lot of good music doesn’t really chart, but oh my god Fischerspooner’s 2nd album Odyssey so deserved to blow up last year.  I much prefered it to #1 and we chased them round the globe last year to see it performed live – we saw Casey DJ at Miss Shapes New York, the band live at the Scala, their bizarre show at Manumission in Ibiza, the band show at The Astoria and had their aftershow party at Ghetto.  It was ace.

Anyway just in case for some bizarro reason you don’t have Odyssey or only know Emerge then I’ve just spotted that Amazon UK have it for the cheapness of £4.96! Seriously buy buy buy.  It’s so good and I called it my 3rd album of 2005, after Rachel’s Come and Get it and the Kaisers album. BUY!

6 thoughts on “Buy Buy Buy!

  1. I love love love the Boredoms cover (last track) on this album. But maybe that’s just because I love the Boredoms anyway. 😀

  2. God I’m going to have to be hideously thick and ask who are the boredoms and which track??

    Have you heard their new DJ mix album. Thinking of buying it, just not got round to it yet.

  3. Hah, it’s okay. The Boredoms are kind of ridiculously obscure. They’re a Japanese punk band that at some point jumped the rails and became a psych/noise band–kinda krautrock-y, too, like Can or something.

    Anyway, the last track on Odyssey, “Circle”, is a cover of a Boredoms song. Actually, here it is:

    Check it out.

  4. Buy this album! It’s fresh, it’s fun, it’s weird, it makes me wave my arms around uncontrollably.

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