Sleepy Girl

I’m double shifting on Spoony and Vernon this weekend and with 80 minutes to go, I’m tired, tired, tired. My future tiredness wasn’t helped by being ill on Friday too after some dodgy food on the Camden Crawl.

It’s always like this when I’m on breakfast. Work starts at 6, so I roll out of bed at 530 just in time for my 540 cab. Today though with 2 days of double shifts the tiredness has well and truly hit and I feel rough as a dog. Normally I’m home by 11 and go to sleep for a couple of hours. Yesterday I was in at 2 and slept til 6 which wasn’t too bad, before we trialed our brand new BBQ and watched trashy TV as well as my recording of the brand new Popworld.

Now, even though we’re playing the ace K-Klass – Rhythm is A Mystery I cannot wait for my bed!

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