I *heart* Logan

Despite being about 40 episodes into the series, I’ve probably only mentioned my very favourite television show Veronica Mars very briefly on karinski.  Well you’ve been totally spared my normal bleating because I, like everyone who seems to be in the small minority of UK peeps who’ve discovered this show, go on about it to non-convertees at every possible moment.  Now it’s your turn.

Airing on UPN in America on a Wednesday night, Thursday morning brings oodles of glee and a new episode to my computer.  I started watching during Summer last year, when I read that all time god of television, Buffyverse boy Joss Whedon called it the Best. Show. Ever. Seriously on Whedonesque.com.   Nearly at the end of it’s first season, the Veronica marathon began and I was rewarded with a real replacement for Buffy.  Quick, witted dialogue, action, tension, a cute blonde lead, pain, hot boys and girls, high school – it had everything Buffy had apart from a supernatural element.  This time round the lead, Veronica, was the daughter of a private investigator who liked to get involved in her dad’s cases.

I’m not going to go on about what it’s like, you can read the official ronny website for that.  Just bare in mind that it is AMAZING and get onto it as soon as you can.  Seriously I cannot go on enough about how good it is. I believe it airs on Living in the UK, but if you have a good internet connection then I’m sure you can get it an easier way. 

The second season is drawing to a close with 4 episodes left – it’s a good job Doctor Who has just restarted!

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