Laura Imbruglia


I’ve always been quite fond of Natalie Imbruglia.  Torn was overplayed but still sounds great now, and Smoke was breathtakingly beautiful.

Now she’s got her very own Dannii, as her little sister Laura Imbruglia is out there with her own music.  Yeah I bet she hates that comparison.  This time round though it’s not a watered down version of her big sister. Instead it’s much rockier and thicker sounding.  Apparnatly she’s been about for a few years though. Who knew? Did you?

Head over to her myspace page to hear two of her tracks.  Magical Washing Machine is cute, radio friendly and I can imagine a bit of twirly dancing at the start of nights to.  I Wanna Throw Stones is much more band based, with a strong guitar prescene and a much rockier melody.

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