PinkThe scathing "Stupid Girls" certainly shows that P!nk feels more alternative than she actually is.

I can’t wait for the P!nk fans to start slagging me in comments over giving I’m Not Dead a bad review.   While the ‘ice-cream’ bit of ‘I’m Not Dead’ is good, Fingers is probably a more consistantly good song.  Overall though, pretty poor. 

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Upon the release of Placebo’s debut album in 1996, no one would have dreamed that the band would still be around ten years later.

It’s always been fashionable to slag Placebo, but screw that.  ‘Meds’ is brilliantly dark and nagging. Nothing much has changed though, it’s just a solid Placebo album. Of course nothing really lives upto ‘Nancy Boy’ or ‘Every Me Every You’, but could it ever?

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