Dead Disco


I’ve been going on about Dead Disco to anyone I can for some time now.  They posted on a forum I occasionally read last summer, I clicked through to their myspace, heard some tracks and was hooked.

I finally saw them live in Blackpool last month (bizarrely it turns the lead singer and I went to the same school for a couple of weeks) at Jenx live on a Saturday night at the liquid lounge.  It was pretty empty, but it was a relief to see that DD were brilliant live.  I was terrified they were going to be one of those, great on record, shit live bands.

Last weekend, they played their first gig in London at Club Motherfucker upstairs at the Garage.   In front of more people than when we saw them last time, and these people being a tough London crowd, they again performed brilliantly.

I reviewed the gig for Gigwise along with a review of their debut single, The Treatment.  There’s also an interview up on Londonist with them.   Read them and check out their myspace to hear their tracks.  Think Blondie with a smidge of Elastica & Editors.  Think good.

2 thoughts on “Dead Disco

  1. Blondie AND Elastica? With a smudge with a bit of Jedivision? Sounds good! I will check em out.

    Oh, and I love what you’ve done with the place. Red or dead, baby.

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