TigarahHoly Shit!   You know when you hear a song and it excites you beyond belief – you want to play it to everyone you know and see their reaction, you play it about 10 times in a row to yourself, and you generally look flustered and wide eyed.

Well that’s just happened.  Thanks to Arjan Writes I’ve just come across Japanese MIA-a-like Tigarah.  Now I’ll happily admit I know *nothing* about Japanese music, absolutely zilch so I can’t really garble on here with any knowledge.  I don’t know if this is like a
lot of stuff coming out of the country, but I doubt it.

Girl Fight is the immediate standout WOW track.  It’s grimey, funky, noisy and perhaps not as grating on the ear as M.I.A.   Lighter tracks such as Game In Rio have a kind of dark european 80s pop feel – i’m finding them quite hard to describe so it might just be best for you to listen to them on Myspace.

For now though download Girl Fight, check out her Myspace, and if you like what you hear buy  her album from her myspace page.

2 thoughts on “Tigarah

  1. well, its definitely cleaner than M.I.A. but it kinda lacks any balls. M.I.A. sounds ready to explode at any minute (something I really rate). I do like it though. Is it being released over here, or do you think its just one for us bloggers?

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