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As we lazed round Darren’s house at Saturday lunchtime, we pondered what we would do with our evening.   Our Friday night was spent DJing and unpacking so another night could not be wasted.  Perusing the Guardian guide we came across two options.   The first, Finger Pop, was being held at Bar Aquarium on Old Street.  I’d often wanted to go to their Carwash night and see what the club (which I think has a swimming pool in it!) was like.   

Finger Pop is held on the 1st Saturday of the month and promises bubblegum, garage-rock, psych, freakbeat, soul and more.  Sounds good, but we decided to go with something else.    FP should definately get a visit in the future though.

The something else was the incredibly hyped Feeling Gloomy.  Held at the small Islington Bar Academy, the night sounded interesting.  It’s manifesto was to play songs which have sad lyrics, but sound happy and you can dance to.   So off we toddled…

What a disappointment! 

The night that had been hyped so much – hell even Radio 1’s One Click had done a feature on it, was nothing more than a pretty mediocre indie disco.    The venue was maybe 1/2 full when we arrived at midnight and it thinned out quite quickly.  Most people were standing about talking, with a minority dancing down the front while your completely average music played.   The only highlights musically were Editors – Munich (which was just a relief from the drabness of the rest) and excitingly for Darren Billy Idol’s Dancing With Myself which he’s been nagging me to play at Missys for ages.  He emitted a very large whoop upon hearing the intro.

Drinks were expensive, but that’s to be expecting from a Carling venue, and the cloakroom was shockingly £2, resulting in a bit of a coat dump in a corner of the club.   The crowd was a bit bizarre.  I’ve been used to teenage/20something crowds really at the nights I frequent, and this seemed like mid 30somethings.   Not that there is anything wrong with that, it was just unusual and perhaps too Islington couply. 

So there we go.  Feeling Gloomy is most certainly NOT recommended and I have no idea why it’s being hyped so much.   True to form we ended up at Ghetto, dancing to pop with Duncan and his crew before having an enjoyable first nightbus to new house home with lots of people we vaguely know.

Edit: Okay okay, perhaps I was a little intensly BOOO-some at this.   So here’s a mini edit with a link to one of the DJs setlists  which it seems was from this night.  I know we arrived on Sex Dwarf, but perhaps mainly heard the other DJ, or was in the toilet when good songs were on or something.   I know that I would have been majorly excited if I’d heard Angel Eyes.  I still don’t think it’s worth £8, had a very good atmosphere or is deserving of the hype as it’s essentially just a standard indie disco, but I wouldn’t object to giving it another go.

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  1. We rather enjoyed Feeling Gloomy and we hate the Ghetto, its full of people who think tehya re arty, but get mummy and daddy to pay for everything. As for the over 30’s people..heaven forbid.. lighten up for heaven’s sake. For the record the Aquarium is great if you want to see suits in their pants. Sounds right up your strasse…

  2. Well as I say, I was merely passing comment on the fact that people are older than i’m used to possibly, it was just unusual.

    I didn’t enjoy the night because I thought the music was very average.

  3. I wanted to say something that would make you change your mind…like the fact that my friends and me started having good Saturdays out in London only since we discovered Feeling Gloomy (and we work for MTV, we get free entries everywhere) or that I think it’s actually one of the really few places in England with great music all night long, where you can have real fun and have a laugh without being over worried about the way you’re dancing or what you are wearing…but I changed my mind after reading the other pages of your blog. It’s not worth it.
    I am really sorry for the Dr Who spoilers by the way, you should let the prime minister know, for god’s sake!

  4. I don’t know Trixie…the over-usage of the world Ace maybe. Or your obession for this “Billie”? It took me half an hour to realize which Billie you were talking about and really..Honey to the Bee? Is it about telling childern about the way they are made?

  5. Ooh miaow. I’ve not been flamed before.

    Anyway this is my blog, so I can talk about what I like and usually indulge in actual thoughtful conversation with listeners rather than hate but each to their own. I’m glad a blog post from over a year ago is still causing debate.

  6. If you publish rubbish reviews on public websites I have all the rights to write what I want and not leave any contact detail at all, honey. Deal with it. Mariah had to do it when her movie came out, you’re in good company! (Or stop posting. That’s my advice, actually)

  7. Trixie,

    You’re kidding, right? I think you must have gone to a different Feeling Gloomy than the excellent indie night club that I know and love.

    You say that the club costs £8 but actually its £6 (£8 gets you into both FG and Club de Fromage their sister club). Which, is not, I don’t think, too bad for a London night club. Though I cannot see it in your post, I had a feeling that you you also complained about the long queue. Again you’re kidding, right? We’ve always got in straight away when we’ve been and if there’s a long queue, well, get there earlier! You are right to say that the cloakroom and bar are expensive but this is London for fucks sake! What do you expect? It isn’t any more expensive than any other London club. Besides, the cost of neither of those things is set by the Club Promoters of Feeling Gloomy.

    Anyway, your review is exceptionally incomplete; you fail to mention the gloomy poems in the toilets. Neither have you mentioned Death DJing, sad Cliff and his lunchbox, the wonderful (and rather cute) Sullen Sean the DJ with his dry witicisms and excellent taste in all things indie or the fantastic Miserabalists and their amazing energy and enthusiasm as they leap around their stage not to mention their talent on the air guitar and invisible drums. And we haven’t even tpiched on the fact that they give you a cake on your birthday or the revolutionary “speed hating”.

    And finally, they often collect money for the charity the “Depression Alliance”; a charity aimed at fighting depression.

    Although I’m gay and although I like places like Popstarz and the Ghetto they frankly don’t compare to Feeling Gloomy and its wonderful slice of indie and rock ‘n’ roll gloominess. In fact, this is the only night club I have been to where I go through the entire night with a stupid grin fixed to my face.

    Not sure what’s so “bizarre” about a load of 30-somethings going clubbing; I’m 33 but that doesn’t stop me moshing like a mad thing when the right indie track is played. Anyway, I would have said the average FG attendee is considerably younger than that.

    So I think that next time you go, you should really open your eyes and not just listen to the (albeit excellent) music but enjoy the wonderful, ironic self-mocking parody of all things gloomy and miserable that is the Feeling Gloomy Experience.

    Long live Feeling Gloomy, Cliff, Leonard and The Miserabalists!

  8. My comment about it being bizarre was followed by “Not that there is anything wrong with that, it was just unusual and perhaps too Islington couply.” God forbid I stop going out when i’m 30!

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