Quack Quack

Last weekend we were very good with trying new things. We went to Stay Beautiful (ok we’d been once before), played new music at Popz, decided to live somewhere new, and went to Duckie on Saturday.

Going to the Vauxhall Tavern is not a prospect I relished given the last time I went past it (admittedly it’s only been once and was just before Ray of Light) there was steam pouring out of the door and all I could see inside were mainly naked men. But… I trusted big hairy Darren and off we went. And hey, guess what, it was great fun! The venue itself is actually great. It’s a nice temperature with a big bar, a big stage, a raised level and the toilets aren’t that bad either (although there are only 3). The music, provided by the Readers Wives, was very varied going from the mainstream Kaiser Chiefs all the way to Neil Diamond and Sweet Caroline. Why did Darren and James give me weird looks as I sang every word? It’s a tune! The night also featured a quiz on stage which was great fun.

So yes, go to Duckie, it’s great and surprisingly for me, girl friendly! Hooray.

6 thoughts on “Quack Quack

  1. Stay Beautiful is Simon Prices. Come with us next time!

    It’s good and you can properly get all glammy dressed up – need to make an effort next time.

  2. What / where is Stay Beatiful? I had such a great time at Unskinny Bop after discovering it via you that I’m curious about other places you recommend.

    Can’t believe it’s taken you this long to make it to Duckie: it rocks!

  3. Yeah I know. I was scared of the Vauxhall Tavern though!

    Stay Beautiful is at the Purple Turtle at Mornington Crescent. I don’t particuarly like the venue but the night itself is really good. The website is http://www.staybeautifulclub.co.uk/

    I don’t really know how to describe it – kinda like miss-shapes but without the britpop? And people get glamourous to go.

    The website describes it as SLEAZY GLAM // HI-VOLTAGE ELECTRO // GLITTER ROCK // F UCKED UP DISCO //

    Btw, locked in the attic, who are you? Should I be associating you with someone I actually know? And have you been to see me DJ at Miss-Shapes never mind all these other clubs????! 🙂 x

  4. No, you don’t actually know me. I have just seen you post over at Lifeitself. I haven’t been to see you at Misshapes. But I have at Popstarz. You play a perfect mix of music for me.

  5. Aha well thanks for the compliment! Popstarz is a bit weird as we mainly only do the first hour at the moment so we can play lots of cool new stuff but there is hardly anyone there. Miss-Shapes is a bit more party tastic. Come!

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