Popstarz Playlist: 27/01/06

Last night Jesus was away so I had 2 hours instead of 1, and James was also gone so I had pretty Hugh and Dan the Giant keeping me company.

This was what I played:

Annie – Anniemal
Captain – frontline
The Cardigans – Sick & Tired
Beck – Girl
Garbage – Androgyny
Broadcast – America’s Girl
Ladytron – International Dateline
Saint Etienne – Only Love Can Break Your
The Concretes – Can’t Hurry Love
Client – Pornography
Dead Disco – City Place
Sons & Daughters – Monster
Placebo – Song to Say Goodbye
Strokes – You Only Live Once
Ordinary Boys – Week In, Week Out
Arctic Monkeys – Bigger Boys & Stolen Sweethearts
Rakes – Work Work Work
We Are Scientists – Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt
Arcade Fire – Rebellion (Lies)
Charlotte Hatherley – Bastardo
Sleeper – Inbetweener
Coral – Dreaming Of You
Harvey Danger – Flagpole Sitta
Franz Ferdinand – Darts Of Pleasure
Protocol – Where’s The Pleasure
Editors – Munich
Wigwam – Wigwam
Depeche Mode – Personal Jesus
Fallout Boy – Sugar, We’re Going Down
Kaiser Chiefs – Na Na Na Na Na
Hole – Celebrity Skin
Bloc Party – Helicopter
Pulp – Common People
Blur – Parklife
No Doubt – It’s My Life
Kelly Clarkson – Since U Been Gone

Popstarz : 20 January 2006

Our set tonight went as follows:

The Feeling – Sewn [rubbish]
Mystery Jets – Boy Who Ran Away [also rubbish]
Data Panik – Rulers & States [formerly bis!]
Kenickie – Come Out Tonight
Dead Disco – Automatic [best new band going http://www.myspace.com/deaddiscohq]
Cornershop – Lessons Learned From Rocky I to Rocky III
Kooks – You Don’t Love Me [Meh]
Orson – No Tomorrow
Shout Out Louds – Please Please Please
Duels – Potential Future
Sahara Hotnights – Who Do You DanceFor
The Like – What I Say & What I Mean
Graham Coxon – Standing On My Own
Charlotte Hatherley – Bastardo [Today Chaz quit Ash!]
Sleeper- Nice Guy Eddie
The Primitives – Crash ’95
The Rakes – 22 Grand Job
Protocol – Where’s The Pleasure
Fall Out Boy – Sugar We’re Going Down
No Doubt – New

Calling all Placebo fans

This may be of interest to some readers.  I really want to go but I’m going to see Boy Kill Boy in Islington. Dammit.


It’s happening next week! It’s LIVE! It’s ‘BECAUSE I WANT YOU’!

Here’s what to do:
Turn up at KOKO (1a Camden Road, London NW1 OJH) on Tuesday 24th January at 6.30pm PROMPT. Doors will close at 7.30pm!

Placebo will be shooting the video for the new single ‘Because I Want You’.

Please note the following important points:

– By turning up at the venue (inside or outside) you are consenting to
be filmed and agreeing to the use of your image in the video.

You must be over 16 years old and ID may be required to enter the venue.

– There are limited numbers so turning up does not guarantee entry (if
we are over-subscribed). Admittance will be on a first come first

– We reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone.

– No video cameras, cameras etc…

– Please be prompt! Doors will close at 7.30pm. Filming will continue until approximately 10pm.

– You never know, Placebo may perform a couple of extra tracks for you……..


Miss-Shapes Playlist : 19/01/2006

I forgot how hard it was to wake up for work after DJing on a Thursday night. I’m so sleepy!

Early Set
Madonna – Sorry (Pet Shop Boys Remix)
Soldout – I Don’t Want To Have Sex With You
Los Super Elegente – Dance
Farrah – Tongue Tied
Dear Eskiimo – Don’t Wanna Feel
Be Your Own Pet – Adventure
XTC – Is This Pop?
Protocol – Where is The Feeling
Devo – Whip It
The Modern – Discotheque
Sugababes – Freak Like Me
Shampoo – Cars
Ladytron – Playgirl
Gorillaz – 19/2000
Smashmouth – Allstar
Dandy Warhols – We Used To Be Friends
Scissor Sisters – Tits on the Radio
David Bowie – Suffragete City
Franz Ferdinand – Do You Want To
Sleeper – Sale of The Century
Blur vs Madison Avenue – Don’t Call Me Blur

Late Set
Pet Shop Boys – It’s A Sin
Dead or Alive – You Spin Me Round
Blondie – Atomic
Pulp – Common People
Arctic Monkeys – Don’t Let The Sun Down
Editors – Munich
Kaiser Chiefs – I Predict A Riot
Boy Kill Boy – Back Again
Girls Aloud – Love Machine
Mylo – Doctor Pressure
The Vapours – Turning Japanese
Placebo – Daddy Cool
The Pixies – Debaser
Supergrass – Pumping On Your Stereo
Blur – Boys & Girls
Goldfrapp – Train
Garbage – Stupid Girl
Wigwam – Wigwam
Amerie – 1 Thing
Justin Timberlake – Let Me Love You
Rachel Stevens – Some Girls
Kelly Clarkson – Since U Been Gone
Dick Dale – Pulp Fiction Theme
Dolly Parton – 9 to 5
Michael Jackson – Beat It
No Doubt – Just A Girl

Quack Quack

Last weekend we were very good with trying new things. We went to Stay Beautiful (ok we’d been once before), played new music at Popz, decided to live somewhere new, and went to Duckie on Saturday.

Going to the Vauxhall Tavern is not a prospect I relished given the last time I went past it (admittedly it’s only been once and was just before Ray of Light) there was steam pouring out of the door and all I could see inside were mainly naked men. But… I trusted big hairy Darren and off we went. And hey, guess what, it was great fun! The venue itself is actually great. It’s a nice temperature with a big bar, a big stage, a raised level and the toilets aren’t that bad either (although there are only 3). The music, provided by the Readers Wives, was very varied going from the mainstream Kaiser Chiefs all the way to Neil Diamond and Sweet Caroline. Why did Darren and James give me weird looks as I sang every word? It’s a tune! The night also featured a quiz on stage which was great fun.

So yes, go to Duckie, it’s great and surprisingly for me, girl friendly! Hooray.

Music Consumption 2006

A while ago I downloaded a track from an Mp3 blog from an Australian band, The Veronicas, listened to it and didn’t think much of it. It stayed on my iTunes though as it wasn’t so bad it required an automatic move to the dumper, and every so often it pops up on my random playlists.


Now I’ve decided that hey, actually this is a great song and today went to try to find out some more about the band, and to hear some more of their music. Such is the beauty of the internet that I can do this. Googling them made lots of interesting articles about promoting things via various social communities across the web which I’ll come to in a bit.

As much as I work in the music industry and I absolutely can’t stand people blatantly thieving music it’s beyond my knowledge to think of a way to control this. But what do I mean? I am a huge fan of downloading and without MP3 blogs my life would be a lot less rich and I wouldn’t be able to perform my jobs as well as I do. In my ideal world, people would get new music from blogs (who are very careful about what they post and how much of one artist they post), if they don’t like it they’d bin it, or if they did like it they’d go and actually legally purchase the music. However that can be technologically managed I don’t know, but in this ideal world people’s morals would control what they did in an appropriate manner.

But screw all that, my point is that the way I, and indeed we, the world as a whole, consume music has changed dramatically probably more so in the last 12 months that ever before. Sure we remember the glory days of willing your modem to go faster as you downloaded all the stuff you’d just heard on the radio via Napster or AudioGalaxy but was there much discovery of new music involved back then? I don’t think so. Certainly not in my case, I was just after a method of getting the cds I wanted for free.

The advent of mp3 blogging and community networks has changed that completely. Responsible Mp3 blogs (i.e. those who care about the music) don’t just post a whole album with a quick ‘GET YOUR LATEST STROKES ALBUM FOR HERE’ link. They carefully chose the music they post (usually one or two tracks from an artist), write a detailed post about why they have done this, and link to places where you can purchase the music legally. I’ve discovered so much music this way and my consumption of music via radio has dropped to practically nothing. I nowadays only really listen to the radio when I’m in my car or er at work.

Anyway, yes, times are a changing. The 2nd way best way I consume music is via My Space . Whenever I want to hear more stuff from a band I always always always now try myspace.com/bandname and more often than not I get more tracks to listen to and generally more info about the music. It’s bizarrely much simpler than even going to the artist’s homepage. The 2nd part to music consumption on myspace is that bands can send you a friends request. Some people may choose to add anyone to their friends just to make them look popular, but I am very choosy. If someone sends me a friends request and they are a band, it makes me go over to their profile, listen to all the songs they’ve put up (usually 3 or 4) and then decide if they are ‘worthy’ to be on my friends list. Even if they’re not, I’ve still heard a band I wouldn’t have done otherwise. Via Myspace I got to know a band called Dead Disco and they are my personal top tip for 2006 from the strength of the music I’ve heard on there. I’ve never met them, or seen them live as they haven’t done any London gigs yet but I got in touch with them and they sent me a cd. Now I’m playing them to 2000 people a week at Popstarz and Miss-Shapes. This is all before they even got signed, released a single, or finalised their lineup. Extremely randomly one of them is from Blackpool and appears to have gone to my school for a bit. Small world and all. But here we go, I love this band who I only discovered through a message on myspace.

People need to embrace all these methods. Labels shouldn’t be shutting down mp3 blogs but should be saying sure do it, just please don’t put our singles up. People should be caring about music and not leaking whole albums for free. Labels can’t ignore the power that these blogs have, nor myspace, nor any other social networking tool that’s out there. They should all be used in people’s campaigns to maximise and excite the audience in previously unthought of ways. I want to be working with people who are similarly passionate about these methods and about using them to promote new small bands and building audiences to a frenzy.

These are good articles about The Veronicas case:
PR Blogger

Popstarz Playlist 7 January

Popstarz Set

As we’re doing only the first hour at Popstarz at the moment we can pretty much play an ecletic selection of stuff… I *heart* mp3 blogs as I’m getting some really great music from then which I can then share with other people. Hooray.. Now if only people would arrive earlier then I could corrupt them with all types of random nonsense.,

Anyway last night

Sarah Nixey – The Collector
Gossip – Listen Up
Shrag – Pregnancy Scene
The Kills – Love is a Deserter
The Weird Sisters – This is The Night
Farrah – Tongue Tied
Love Ninjas – Keep Your Love
The Veronicas – 4eva
Graham Coxon – Standing on My Own
Arctic Monkeys – Fake Tales of San Franscisco
Charlotte Hatherley – Kim Wilde
Be Your Own Pet – Adventure (!!! THIS SONG IS AWESOME)
Harvey Danger – Flagpole Sitta
Love Spit Love – How Soon is Now
Fall Out Boy – Sugar, I’m Going Down
Futureheads – Hounds of Love
Supergrass – Pumping on Your Stereo
Editors – Bullets

Come 11.10 and we had buggered off to Stay Beautiful where we met Duncan & Sam and generally had an awesome awesome night! James nearly cried with joy when Mansun – Being A Girl was played.


Ghetto was weird last night. It was surprisingly busy for the first
week in January and seemed majority male which is very odd for Missys.
But it was a great night, with me having fun djing for the first time
in a couple of weeks as I’d previously been waylaid with blindness and
a shocking cold. I also took care to avoid the very obvious – note no
kaisers, no killers, no pulp, no franz. Hooray

here is what we played!

Early Set

William Orbit – Spiral ft Sugababes
Mount Sins – No Yellow Lines
Shrag – Mark E Smith
Be Your Own Pet – Adventure
Sons & Daughters – Dance Me In (Optimo Mix)
Protocol – Where’s the Feeling
Shout Out Louds – Please Please Please
Duels – Potential Futures
Cut Copy – Going Nowhere
Ashlee Simpson – L.O.V.E
Rakes – 22 Grand Job
Raveonettes – Great Love Sounds
Fischerspooner – Happy
Nenah Cherry – Buffalo Stance
JayZ + Linken Park – Numb/Encore
Rachel Stevens – I said Never Again
Girls Aloud – Wake Me Up
Editors – Blood
Arctic Monkeys – Don’t Let The Sun Go Down

Late Set

Pixies – Debaser
Kelly Clarkson – Since U Been Gone
Gwen Stefani – Hollaback Girl
Madonna – Material Girl
Prince – Raspberry Beret
Pink Grease – Pink G.R.E.A.S.E
Scissor Sisters – Take Ur Mama
Hard-Fi – Hard to beat
Smiths – This Charming Man
Presidents of the USA – Video Killed The Radio Star
Duran Duran – Hungry Like The Wolf
New Order – Blue Monday
LCD Soundsystem – Tribulations
Missy Elliot – Get Ur Freak On
Michael Jackson – Beat It
Dimestar – Echo Beach
Arctic Monkeys – I Bet That You Look Good…
No Doubt – Just A Gtirl
Maximo Park – Apply Some Pressure
Dandy Warhols – Get Off
Charlotte Church – Crazy Chick
Britney -Do Something
Goldfrapp – Strict Machine
Rachel Stevens – Some Girls
Girls Aloud – No Good Advice
KT Tunstell – Suddenly I See
Gloria Jones – Tainted Love
Moloko – The Time Is Now

Gigs of 2005


As 2006 rolls round so do the inevitable ‘Best Of… ‘ posts.  While my singles best of post is causing me no end of stress as I strain to order my favourite Rachel Stevens songs, the gig one is much easier.   


The frankly brilliant Apply Some Pressure means that this band could just made bird noises for 40 mins, just play that one song, and the entire gig would be fantastic.   For some reason they didn’t do that, and played their whole album making it brilliant++++.   At that point I only really knew the singles, and was annoyed I’d missed them at Glastonbury; so heading to the Radio 1 Tent at Reading certainly wasn’t going to be a disappointment.   They totally surpassed my expectations though playing a tight set full of catchy hooks.   I can’t wait to see them again properly, particularly now that I love the album to bits.


This cold January evening saw us venturing to see The Go! Team at 100 Club, following our hearing and loving of Bottlerocket.  The Go! Team were meh, they were okay – the sound was a bit rubbish.  But forget them, this was the first introduction to The Pipettes who were their 2nd support act.  3 polka-dotted vixens singing 60s sounding pop – we all fell in love.  Since this date we’ve seen them more times than we’ve done many other things in locations such as Stay Beautiful, Cargo & most recently as the headliners back at the 100 Club.  When we first saw them they were unsigned.  Now they are on Memphis Records, have had a single out and are working on their first album.  2006 is going to be great for these girls.

You can read my review of their last gig at the 100 Club in October  here at CD:UK online.


Any gig that gets me in close proximity to Jarvis Cocker gets the thumbs up from me, and there are no surprises that this ULU performance is in practically everyone’ s big ‘gigs of the year’ lists.   We’d been a fan of Funeral and in particularly Rebellion (Lies) since getting it on import at the end of 2004.  When this gig turned up, we thankfully wasted no time in getting tickets and squeezed our way into an absolutley rammed venue, annoyingly full of tall people.  Violins, drumming on crash helmets, all types of fun – they were great when we saw them again at Reading too.


Now this is an odd one.   I’d never really listened to McFly although obviously aware of their singles particularly their brilliant debut 5 Colours in her Hair.  The 2nd half of the year though found me working on their record campaigns and thus I heard more McFly than ever and realised that actually they were really quite good.   This gig at Wembley is memorable in many ways.   It was the first ‘pop’ concert I’d been to in ages, and James’ first pop concert ever.   The screams audible from the venue as we approached 5 minutes away were enough to scare the poor boy, and the noise inside – my god!  I’m scared how much louder Take That next year will be!  The gig also firmly cememted the fact that McFly are not some crappy little boys band.  Their songs are great and their live performance exceptional. James has also become obsessed with them and has now seen them 3 times including a private gig at Harrods a few weeks ago which was fantastic!


Releasing one of the best albums of 2005, Fischerspooner truly lived up to my expectations this year.   We  saw them in various guises, first as DJs in NYC’s version of Miss Shapes, then at The Scala in June, at Manumission in September and a couple of weeks later at the Astoria in London.   The Scala gig was the first time I’d seen them live, and loving Odyssey as much as I do it was a brilliant concert.  It was, however, pretty understated for a Fischerspooner gig as they are so famous for their lavish stage shows.  This was very basic, and left some people disappointed.  To me, however, the quality of the music was all I needed, and the bruises gained from an Emerge mosh prove that I should never stand at the front of a gig no matter how much I love a band!


XFM annually run an event which includes 40 bands and 8 different venues across Camden.  You only get to see about 5 of them because of timings and there is a lot of running about!  Milly came down for it and we had fun scarpering across Camden with Mark, Mark & James.   From my memory the other bands we saw were Hard-Fi, Weapons of Mass Destruction, and er I can’t remember any more! Maybe Milly can help.   Le Tigre had the headline slot at the Barfly on Chalk Farm Road.  Now Le Tigre are a big band and Barfly is a tiny weeny venue so it was a big race to get there and get in.   It was the 2nd time I’d seen them with them having done a PA at Popstarz late last 2004, but this time I was much more interested having grown to like the albums.   Hooray!


I’ve always loved Garbage and before 2005’s release of Bleed Like Me assumed they had split and I’d never get to see them live.  That changed this year though as we saw them twice – once in June at Glastonbury and then about 2 weeks later at Exit.  Exit is a festival which has been held since 2000 in the city of Novi-Sad in Serbia.   Now you may think Serbia would be a weird place to, to bog off on holiday, but we only became aware of this festival through Radio 1 and thus figured it would probably be pretty good.  The city was amazing and the views across the Danube stunning.   Garbage headlined the 2nd night but instead of coming on stage at midnight, arrived at about 2am due to an absolutely torrential rainfall and thunderstorm.   I am so scared of thunder and there we were trapped at the highest point in the city in a big fortress getting soaked.  We spent about 2 hours huddled together under a bag which had previously been full of lemons.   Bizarro.  When they did arrive, they were every bit as good as they  had been at Glastonbury, ploughing through pretty much a greatest hits set. Bravo.


Ladytron certainly have their ups and downs.   Their first record label Telstar went bust and then Island then signed them, didn’t quite know what to do with them and promptly dropped them at the end of last year.   But fear not, I’m told that the excellent Witching Hour has been relicensed to the band and will be re-released in 2006.  The next single was planned as International Dateline  and then a Destroy Everything You Touch re-release so whether these plans will stay is yet to be seen.   Ladytron were another band we caught at Exit on the main stage at 11pm at night bizarrely positioned between the angry (yet cuddly!) Laibach and Fatboy Slim!  When Simon told us that he’d booked them for Popstarz though, I nearly wet myself with joy.    Although some mistook their popstarz set as bad due to their lack of ‘stage enthusiasm’, the set was in fact perfect with 5 killer songs being played and I’ll forever treasure the memory of birthday boy Simon having a mini dance on the side of the stage to Destroy.   It was a great night in many ways.

Read my review of the gig at BBC London Online and my interview with the band at CD:UK online.


I had a bit of a toss up here between the KC’s gigs at Glastonbury and Ibiza Rocks.  Glastonbury was fantastic and finally made our mud riddenness seem worth while.  Ibiza Rocks was well rocking and it was in the beautiful and ‘misunderstood’ island of Ibiza….

From my CD:UK online review:

An out and out rock band performing in Ibiza, island of the dance, was
always going to be an peculiar experience. This year, The Barfly teamed
up with Manumission at the world’s largest club, to create a new
experience – Ibiza Rocks.   

With performances from Goldfrapp
and Babyshambles, the Kaiser’s gig was the planned jewel in their
crown, with Ricky’s face plastered on official posters and T-shirts
from the start. Sold out much earlier in the week (unusual for an Ibiza
venue), doors open at midnight and as time ticks on, and on, we found
ourselves growing rather piqued watching the roadies slowly fiddle
around onstage.   

Finally, as the clock strikes 4am, our
patience is rewarded and a huge roar generated from the increasingly
drunken and euphoric crowd as Leeds’ favourite sons took to the stage.
One of the best things about seeing the Kaisers live is the energy they
put into each performance and the look of absolute excitement on their
faces when they see the crowd.  As they kicked of with ‘Na Na Na Na
Naa’ this was certainly no exception. 

Overdressed for the
sweltering heat of the room, in their traditional waistcoats and suits,
guitarist Andrew, bassist Simon, Pete Doherty look-alike “Peanut” on
keyboard and drummer Nick pummel their instruments in tight formation
as they pound through each of Employment’s killer tracks. 
Masterful frontman Ricky Wilson leaps about with characteristic
vivacity and during ‘I Predict a Riot’, he throws caution to the wind
performing his usual stage dive with no thought of his recent leg
injury.  Although Ricky returns safely, his microphone remains in the
crowd until the end of the song, leaving an overzealous fan singing
along, while a ruffled Wilson merely conducts the audience from the

During ‘You Can Have It All’ a rabid brunette mounts
the stage and with security standing back with a bemused grin, as the
girl clings to Ricky’s neck and thighs. Realising he’s on his own with
this one, he let’s ‘Kerry’ duet throughout the tune before finally
carrying her back to the crowd.

More restrained admirers in
the crowd include Princess Superstar, Kate Moss (and Mum), Annie Mac,
Jade Jagger and Mylo, all of whom could be seen happily shouting along
with the rest of us as the Kaiser’s closed the set with ‘Oh My God’. 

Once again, the Kaiser Chiefs performed with the exuberance and zest
they have become so famous for. They most definitely made their mark on
Ibizan shores.


Well I’d never have predicted this at the beginning of 2005.  I randomly bought The Repulsion Box one day in Fopp when I was feeling like buying something ‘cool.   Initially I found it bizarrely *too* Scottish.  Their accents were so strong that they were getting in the way.   But screw that, we were so amazed by their Reading performance that along with Shall we headed off to Kings College Union to see the band perform again in late November which resulted in one of the most spectactularly fantastic gigs I have ever seen.

This is what I told CD:UK  about it:

Last time we caught up with Sons and Daughters it was at the back of a tent at Reading Festival. The set was pretty good, but we were far away, a bit muddy and in desperate need of the loo. This time we’re clean, dry and definitely relishing the chance to see them in a much more intimate venue crammed to the rooftops with eager fans.

Their passion and distinctiveness is felt from the moment they strike the first chord. Lead singer Adele’s presence is a whirlwind of energy as they rip through songs from debut album, The Repulsion Box, as well as tracks from first EP, Love the Cup. Adele and lead guitarist Scott compliment each other not only with their snarling, harmony-driven sparring, but also with the seductive way they move round each other on stage.

Scott’s raspy, heavy Glaswegian voice makes ‘Rama Lama’ a mesmerising folk-rock stomp. Lyrically it’s incredibly macabre, but that’s offset by a catchy whistly part, as well as a Kaiser-esque "Wooooaaaaaaah". Meanwhile, ‘Red Receiver’ – the tale of a jilted lover – is delivered with fierce urgency, underlining S&D’s delicious darkness.

Aside from the tightness of the set and the catchiness of the songs, one thing that stands out is just how pretty this band is.  Male vocalist and lead guitarist, Scott, looks like the sixth member of Franz Ferdinand, while bassist and mandolin player, Ailidh, dazzles in a bright red dress with her striking, Maggie Gyllenhaal looks. And, with the bewitching Adele Bethnal leading the brigade, Shirley Manson’s reign as the Scottish rock queen is well and truly over.