Miss-Shapes : 23 November 2005

Early Set

Kylie – Confide in Me
Lush – 500 (Shake Baby Shake)
Belle & Sebastian – I’m a cuckoo
Client – Pornography
The Cardigans – Sick & Tired
We are Scientists – The Great Escape
Editors – Blood
Sleeper – Nice Guy eddie
Long Blondes – Giddy Stratospheres
Seahorses – Love is the Law
Bootleg – Juicebox Rock
Basement Jaxx – Plug it in ft JC Chasez
Suzi Quatro – Can Can
Adam & the Ants – Prince Charming
Manic Street Preachers – Kevin Carter (yeah, er sorry)

Late Set

No Doubt – Just A Girl
The Modern – Jane Falls Down
Bis – Eurodisco
Franz Ferdinand – Do U Wanna
Maximo Park – Apply Some Pressure
Arctic Monkeys – I Bet That You Look Good On The Dancefloor
Little Eva – The Locomotion
Girls Aloud – Love Machine
Mint Royale – Don’t Falter
The Cardigans – Love Fool
White Stripes – Hotel Yorba
Placebo – Nancy Boy
Gloria Jones – Tainted Love
Blondie – Hanging onthe Telephone
The Vapours – Turning Japanese
Buzzcocks – Fallen in Love
Charlotte Church – Crazy Chick
Hole – Celebrity Skin
Love Bites – You Broke My Heart
Bloodhound Gang – Chasey Lane
Beck – Sexx Laws
The Clash – Rock the Casbah
Mylo – Doctor Pressure
Ladytron – Destroy Everything You Touch
Amerie – 1 Thing
Lulu – Shout
Prince – Raspberry Beret
Michael Jackson – Beat It
Lionel Richie – All Night Long

Live Review : Sons & Daughters

Sd_3On Monday evening, Shall, James & myself headed down to LSE to see Sons & Daughters. 

After confusing various students with the building we were after we realised we were actually meant to be at Kings College.  Thankfully that was only 5 mins walk away.

Clor were meant to be supporting.  They weren’t there though and thanks to a dippy receptionist telling me the wrong time earlier in the day, we had to stand through the frankly diabolical VV & the Villains.

Anyway, Sons & Daughters themselves were TOTALLY awesome.    Find out how awesome at CDUK Online.

CD:UK review: Will Young – Keep On

"Will’s voice lends itself to the bossanova beats of this song brilliantly: you can picture him bursting into song, tap dancing down the street and twirling round lampposts.  Clocking in at rather long five minutes, 20 seconds, it ends with a fancy organ breakdown followed by dazzling Spanish guitars."

Read my full review of Will Young’s 3rd album keep on here.

Popstarz Playlist : 19/11/05

We played the late set last night which means we pretty much have to stick to the classics.  Alcohol finishes at 3 so  that means people leave loads after that time.   I only did one experiment but it worked hurrah.

0230 – 0400

Blur – Country House
Presidents of the USA – Video Killed the Radio Star
No Doubt – It’s My Life
Le Tigre- I’m So Excited
Blondie – Atomic
Beastie Boys – Intergalactic
Offspring – Pretty Fly for A White Guy
Green Day – Holiday
Placebo – Nancy Boy
Pixies – Debaser
Hole – Celebrity Skin
Skunk Anansie – Twisted
Hives – Hate to Say I Told You So
Supergrass – Alright
Clash – London Calling
Billy Idol – White Wedding
Depeche Mode – Personal Jesus
Kaisers – Oh My God
Bis – Kandy Pop (the experiment!)
Elastica – Connection
Smiths – This Charming Man
Maximo Park – Apply some pressure
Sleeper – Nice Guy Eddie
The Cure – Friday I’m in Love
REM – Shiny Happy People
David Bowie – Young Americans
Pulp – Misshapes
Saint Etienne – He’s on the Phone
The Modern – Jane Falls Down

Highlights from our trash palace set include:
Lush – 500 (Shake Baby Shake)
Sleeper – In Betweener
Kenickie – Spies AND punka!
Twiggy – When I think of you
Freezepop – Boys on Film
The Cardigans – Sick and Tired
The Raveonettes – Love in a trash can
Art Brut – Formed a band
Justice vs Simian – Never Be Alone
Kylie – Did it Again
Blur – On Your Own
Bis – Eurodisco
Pras – Ghetto Superstar

Sometimes I really wish I was dancing to my sets rather than playing them!!

Next weekend!

Next weekend my favourite Welsh girl Milly is in town visiting! Yay!

Thursday, we’ll be going somewhere special and then she’ll have the joy of Miss-Shapes. and Friday, Popstarz with Skin.

But I’m taking Friday off work and she’s here all of Sat too.   So if you have any suggestions for cool things to go see / do in London next weekend, let me know, because we’re going to rock this town!

Hey, punka, HEY!

I think I might go to Unskinny Bop   on Saturday with "Greg" from Londonist for a bit of a boogie.  I’ve never been before, and it involves venturing east so it will be a challenge.  But, how can I possibly resist a club who’s last playlist includes Shampoo, Girls Aloud, All Girl Summer Fun Band, Kelis, Madge,  Elastica, Bikini Kill, Kenickie, Kate Bush, and Jay Z.   Anyone else who fancies it just hoot.  Sounds small though so I think we’ll have to get there quite early, particularly as it seems to be the first one since April.

Tonight we’re playing at Trash Palace and then hot footing it to play at  Popstarz a bit later on.  We spent a lot of last night looking at Shine compilations so we’ll be playing some tracks that you will either think are forgotten classics or absolute tosh.

I’m spending a lot of time listening to Kenickie at the moment.  I’m so cutting edge obviously (!) but their tracks are so damn catchy!  Also The Modern have been rocking my boat since we saw them at Ibiza Rocks earlier in the year, and I’ve just got their album sampler which is quite frankly brilliant.   I heard Bis – Eurodisco for the first time last night and that reminded me of the Modern a lot.  Kandy Pop is interesting, and I’ve loved Dead Wrestlers for ages, so maybe it’s time this girl did a bit of Bis investigation.  The new Girls Aloud album, Chemistry, landed in my grubby paws last Friday and is their best album yet.  It’s full of Betty Boo-esque raps and Spice-y ballads.   Hooray.  Talking of Betty Boo, has anything happened yet with Wig-Wam, her apparnant side project with Alex James of Blur.  Sounded like it was going to be interesting!

Finally in a week or so I have review tickets to see Kelly Clarkson at Koko which is exciting me lots.  Yes, I only know about 3 songs, but damn they are good.  Let’s just wait for a Kelly / Linkin collaboration shall we.   Talking of which, can we have a Linkin Park UK tour please?  It’s always the unlikely ones that like Linkin Park isn’t it 🙂

What’s going on?

BoyzLast week James and I went to a small studio in Hoxton for a photoshoot and interview for Boyz magazine for the best up and coming DJs in London.  For some reason we were included! Hooray.

You can see a small picture of it here but either go to the Boyz website to see it in full or have a look on my flickr stream .

We’re also going to be stopping doing Trash Palace on a Friday in the next couple of weeks and instead moving to be residents at Popstarz  itself. Woo.

And finally in DJ news, we’ve just put up our DJ website hoping to capture some interest of the back of the article.  Any ideas or thoughts on the basic site, let me know!

PipettesOn the writing front, I’ve been doing more writing for Londonist, which if you’re a London kid, you really should read, as it tells you about loads of cool stuff going on, and both myself and Ricky write for it.  You can see my small number of posts here.

I’m quite excited at the moment as I managed to get an article about one of my favourite, little known, groups, The Pipettes, onto the CDUK site.  You can read that here!  Hooray!

Predict A Disco

Friday night at Trash Palace I was on my tod as James was violently being sick everywhere and was in bed.   Last night I was being sick everywhere *yuck*.  I feel awful.

I must get some energy though as I need to write the content for our new DJ website.   Last week we had a photoshoot for Boyz magazine and an interview with us will appear this week as their choice of up and coming indie DJs. Whoo.

This week you can catch us on Friday night at Trash Palace between 7 and 11pm and then later on the same evening at <a href="http://www.popstarz.org">Popstarz</a>.

In none DJ news, the brilliant singles from The Modern and The Pipettes are out today so buy them!

Here’s the setlist from Friday

Annie – Me plus one
Madonna – I love New York
Alpine Stars – Carbon Kid
Gorillaz – Dirty harry
KT Tunstell – Suddenly I see
Grandaddy – The Crystal Lake
Ladytron – Destroy Everything You Touch
Super Furry Animals – Northern Lites
Arcitecture in Helsinki – The Cemetary
Bis – Dead Wrestlers
Shampoo – Cars
Girls Aloud – Watch Me Go
Vitalic vs Bjork – Who Am I?
Fischerspooner – We Need A War
Simian – La Breeze