The great British public

I love writing about music.  One of the funniest things about it is when you go back to your pieces and read comments that have been left.  Some are great, they actually talk about the music and challenge opinion, and it’s great that this interactivity is avaliable.

Some, however, are just funny.

Recently I wrote about how I didn’t think the new Sugababes album was very good.  Here are some words on what others think:

"GOD R U DEAF OR WOT REVIEWER! this ablums amazing! heidi is sooo much better than that ginger 1 that was ere b4."

"I dont know whether the reviewer was listening to the new sugababes album or some pre sample of Girls Aloud’s new album. Its clearly obvious that the sugababes must have blanked him at one stage in his stalker life, and he’s figured him dis thm with a bad review, cos this album rocks, "

"the reviewer is obviously an atomic kitten fan."

"i dnt agree wit dat review at al! the sugababes r the greatest, even if the album wasn’t 2 gd it wud still b brilliant cos the sugababes mad it! msg 2 the reviwer – hav u got waxy ears lol"

And when I praised Rachel’s latest offering for being a pop masterpiece, the music snob brigade came in:

"crap sorry but crap, the only REAL music is music with GOOD lyrics. an exmaple is soul music, soul has very powerful strong lyrics with feelings and meanings unlike the pop we get now i dont know what the music is coming to. the only artist in pop with good lyrics and all the rest of it is Michael Jackson. no one will ever be able to top him, he is great! i true superstar. to me the only superstar. no wonder he is the king of pop. well to some up its not very good sorry oh and by the way i am only 13."

"This entire thread and article is ludicrous. I refuse to believe for a second that this is a "classic" album. Is the author really suggesting it rivals such classics as ‘Siamese Dream’, ‘Dark Side of the Moon’, ‘Blood Sugar Sex Magic’, ‘Blonde on Blonde’, ‘Bad’, ‘The Queen is Dead’, ‘Back in Black’, ‘The Joshua Tree’ etc. etc. etc. I don’t need to here this manufactured, disposable noise to realise that such plastic music to come from Rachel Stevens’s management is nothing more than a few catchy choruses filled out with empty, nonsensical lyrics. Albums like this are anything but classics are truly degrade the real meaning and power of music."

That’s enough to put a smile on my face for a while.

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