Do you want to

When I first heard the new Franz Ferdinand single ‘Do you want to’, I wasn’t convinced.   Further listens have definately made my ears more in tune with it tho.

It sounds a little like a comedy song – I can just imagine Barbara Windsor running down a street holding her naked baps, while being chased by a cackling Sid James, and a shocked looking Kenneth Williams waving a hanky.

But it also was really reminiscent of something else.   J thought similar but it turns out we were thinking of two different tunes.  Upon listening, both were correct.

ZZ Top – Gimme All Your Lovin
Go West – We Close Our Eyes (a very distinct bit)


4 thoughts on “Do you want to

  1. I really like it. I heard it on Xfm for the 1st time the other day, still clearly FF but developing nicely – me likey.

  2. Matron, take them away!

    I like it, like the video, too. It’s different and has stacks of personality in there. Thumbs up from me.

  3. Just so people know where this sound originated before every moron in the world again calls these guys 60’s rock meets Gang of Four – this is pure Duran Duran with a taste of the Fall. Yes, the first ten seconds is reminiscent of the Beatles; and the other 3 minutes is Duran Duran rythm, style, hooks, and lyrical cleverness. And yes, Duran Duran is the most critically underrated band in history because they added style and fashion to rock music.

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