Crazy Folk

Although everything in London has pretty much returned to normal there is still a small fear of dread as you head to the tube station in the morning and realise it’s Thursday.   Last week I completely forgot and was only reminded by a workmate talking about ‘the fear’.  Today I was reminded by police outside our tube station.

At the 2nd stop on our journey, an american man wearing a puffed up gilet/waistcoat type thing got on and was jabbering away to himself. He leapt over us to sit on the seats in the corner (bench facing seats) and was ranting about cot death, killing children, and putting bullets in the back of people’s heads.   Continually.   He was completely crazy.

Needless to say I got off at the next station and got a bus the rest of the way.   I was just a little annoyed that there wasn’t even a member of tube staff anywhere near the platform, and I couldn’t find anyone to tell about this man until I reached the turnstiles.  At this point I told the man in the little glass hut, who didn’t really seem to care, that there was a man acting seriously suspiciously.    Grrh.

So I was late for work, and missed my opportunity to have a McDonalds slice of fruit toast.  I hear it’s good?

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