Miss Karinski is listening to

The Cardigans – I need some fine wine, and you, you need to be nicer
A combination of the folksy sounds from Long Gone Before Daylight and the harsher sound of Gran Turismo, but without any electroness.   Sounds a little Roisin Murphy.   It’ll be getting a spin on Thursday night, get in before 11 if you want to hear it.

The Sugababes – Push The Button
Oooh. We like 🙂

Ladytron – Destroy Everything You Touch
I was trying to work out earlier if this is my single of the year so far.  I knew I should have started keeping that chart back in January.    Even if it’s not my favourite (which it might be) it is WAY UP THERE.   Out at the end of the month, this is a monster.  Come on Ladytron, break through, let others see how great you are.

Girls Aloud – Long Hot Summer
Do I like this? Do I? Do I really?  I certainly want to like it, with all my heart, but hmmm.  It’s certainly taken a lot of listens to get me to vaguely liking it.   The ba ba ba bit is ace, and the more you listen the better it gets.  But hey, what do I know.  I didn’t like Love Machine at first.    SPAZMO!
[edit: i’ve decided yes i do like it, it’s ace!]

Shelly Poole – Hard Time for the Dreamer

The title track from Miss half of Alisha’s Attic debut solo album.  It’s lush!

5 thoughts on “Miss Karinski is listening to

  1. Girls Aloud can do no wrong. And it’s great to see a pop band who consistently release good records without long sabbaticals and all that cobblers. Huzzah.

  2. Ladytron have always rocked. I used to play “Discotraxx” a lot when I was on RaW, and people just looked at me oddly. I never was any good at being all indie, mainly because I get easily bored by things with guitars in 😉

    Anyway – Go get “Discotraxx”! It’s weird! It’s good!

  3. Hey, i was just wondering if you could add me on msn because i have tried to add you by getting your email from this site but cannot find it! maybe you dont have it, who knows.

    But it would be kind if you could reply. Thanx,


    (email for msn: lepidus@hotmail.com, cheers x)

  4. The Girls Aloud track is pretty nice, but I’m still not a big fan. though I am working’ on that.

    I’ve yet to hear the new Sugababes track, would love if you could share it with me somehow, I can’t find it anywhere. I am dying to hear it.

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