Self Indulgent Guff

This weekend I went back with the best friend to the motherland to have fun, frolics and visit the family.

Every time I go back it becomes more and more apparnant that there is very little reason to go back. I’ve taking a different path in life from those who are still there and it’s very apparant when hooking up with old friends that we just have nothing in common anymore.

Once upon a time, I couldn’t even imagine myself leaving my hometown and the clubs and the fun behind, but now I can’t imagine any reason for being there.

Current life is, to be overly enthusiasic, just *fabulous* and I have both the best friend a girl could ever wish for and other excellent friends surrounding me.

Wow, this is sounding like the kind of super indulgent guff that I hate so much from one blogger (i’ll spare the link), but to that, all I say is BOSH BOSH BOSH, Pigeon!, BELGOROBOT SAYS XXXX, *tear.

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