Rousing Fun

What’s exciting the life of Miss Trixie Karinski at the moment….

The Cardigans : Whoo! They are on their way back.  I’ve been watching this webpage for months and it’s been gradually filling up with information.  Although ridiculously long, I insanely love the title of their new single, I need some fine wine, and you, you need to be nicer.  I don’t think I gave Long Before Daylight as much attention as I should have when it was released.   When You Kissed Me has to be up there as one of the most beautiful songs out there.

: The album ‘Clor’ is out today, and it is brill.   Quirky, indie mixes seemlessy with beats, bops and quirky electronic twinges.   

Razzamatazz :  Recently discovered, currently up there with my favourite Pulp songs.

Projectile Vomiting : The cherry has been popped. A big thank you must go to the very lovely Blue Aftershock.  High five.

Brighton Pride  : We’re off to Brighton to DJ at Brighton Pride. How cool is that!

Camembert : It’s a type of cheese… of course I’m excited!

Doctor Who : Thanks go to the BBC for continuing their theme of spoilering Doctor Who.  But still it’s made me excited about it again.  Only 4 months to go. Groan.

4 thoughts on “Rousing Fun

  1. Projectile vomiting, eh? Nice. Was the vomit blue? Cos that would’ve been cool. Like that king in that film with funny coloured wee played by Humphrey from Yes Minister. Marvellous.

  2. Hehe. No unfornately not blue, although it had been blue WKDs and blue aftershock allnight, so you would expect it.


  3. Long Gone Before Daylight was an awesome record. I’d suggest you return to it before Super Extra Gravity hits the streets. I’m interested to know if you like the new song?

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