Bad Wolf II

As mentioned here, the whole Bad Wolf saga in Doctor Who has been driving everyone crazy.

Paul has just let me know (and this isnt a spoiler) about a secret hidden message on the Bad Wolf website.

Go to the disclaimer and ctrl+a it.   

One thing that is really annoying me is how much the BBC seem to be spoiling their episodes ahead of broadcast.  People have been mad about the ‘coming next week’ trails for ages, but I guess we can just turn off before they come on.   However they released LOADS of details about special guest stars in ‘Bad Wolf’ about a month ago and some images of where the episode is set.  Thus giving a lot about the episode away.  And now this weeks update on the Official Site has gone up – if you missed the press releases don’t go anywhere near the official site or you’ll know a lot about next week’s episode already.

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